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US survey: Best places to raise children
Detail: A recent national survey by the Pew Research Center
the vast majority of whites (84%) give excellent or
good ratings to their community as a place to raise
children. In contrast, about six-in-ten black
respondents think the same. Hispanics are in
between: About seven-in-ten Hispanics give positive
ratings to their community as a place to raise
children. Americans who have earned at least a
college degree are more likely than those who are
less educated to have positive ratings about their
community’s child-rearing environment.
While nearly seven-in-ten city dwellers rate their
communities as excellent or good for raising
children, those living in other communities offer
even better marks on this question. Indeed, close to
nine-in-ten rural (88%) and suburban (86%)
residents give positive ratings to the child-rearing
aspect of their communities. On the regional front,
more than eight-in-ten adults living in the Midwest
and the South think their local community is an
excellent or good place to raise children, compared
with 76% of residents who live in the West and 77%
of those living in the East.
Date: January 31 2009