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New Housing Vouchers and Other Measures to Prevent Families with Children Becoming Homeless
Detail: A new paper, "Number of Homeless Families Climbing Due to Recession; Recovery Package Should Include New Housing Vouchers and Other Measures to Prevent Homelessness" has been released by the U.S Center on Budget.

The key findings are:

1. 1 million more families with children will fall into deep poverty (below half the poverty line) and be at risk of housing instability and homelessness, if unemployment reaches the 9 percent level as predicted by Goldman Sachs. The housing market crisis adds to the risk of increased homelessness.

2. Housing instability and homelessness put children at greater risk of physical health problems and lower academic performance.

The report recommends the recovery package to include funding for 200,000 additional housing vouchers to prevent families with children from becoming homeless and for helping those who enter the shelter system to leave it for permanent housing and not become homeless again. At a cost of roughly $2.1 billion, Congress could provide vouchers to enable 200,000 additional families to afford decent housing.

With an additional $1.5 billion to $2 billion funding increase for homelessness prevention assistance through HUD's Emergency Shelter Grant program, states and localities, through existing networks of service providers, could provide short-term assistance to enable approximately 400,000 families to avert eviction or obtain new housing.

The report also includes state-by-state estimates of the
families that would be helped, at

Date: January 12 2009