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AutoSearchKID™ : A New Tool to Track Public School Bus Transit Systems
Detail: EarthSearch Communications launched the AutoSearchKID(TM) solution which is developed for public school bus transit systems to provide a safe travel environment for children K-12 as they commute between school and home.

AutoSearchKID™, integrates GPS and RFID technologies to enable continuous tracking and reporting of not only the school buses but also the students as they go in and out of the bus while transporting between home and school. The solution tracks the routes and identifies the drivers, driving habits as well as the students in the bus to assure no unauthorized person gets on the bus. Vehicle location and student identification takes place every 60 seconds. Historical data is also compiled on a continuous basis to help the school officials in advance planning. In addition the solution creates a greener school transit system by managing routes, improving fuel efficiency, and providing other fleet management tools.

AutoSearchKID™ provides:
-- Emergency vehicle location in real time
-- Monitoring of the drivers and alerting on bad driving habits
-- Monitoring of the route of the students to prevent the kids from
getting off at an unassigned stop
-- Alerts when an unauthorized person gets on the bus
Source: Market Wire, 4 August 2008
Date: October 27 2008