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Imagination Playground: A portable playground in a box
Detail: The Brownsville play center gave children a taste of what the architect David Rockwell hopes will revolutionize playground design”the Imagination Playground in a Box. Mr. Rockwell, who designed this portable playground, brought his neon-painted toy chests to Brownsville in partnership with the parks department.

The portable playground arrived in Brownsville Recreation Center in Brooklyn in early July and will stay till Labor Day. It included about 150 pieces — the largest about three feet long, and none weighing more than a pound or so. The playground earned high marks from children, though they said it should complement, not replace, jungle gyms. The children also said they liked creating their own foam worlds, tear them down on a whim and start anew. They appreciated the cushiony feel of the pieces, which prevented scrapes and removed any shred of guilt from pounding each other with the noodles in gladiator-style fights.

In the fall of 2009, a 15,000-square-foot, figure-eight-shaped permanent Imagination Playground is scheduled to open at Burling Slip in Lower Manhattan. With the help of the nonprofit playground developer Kaboom, Mr. Rockwell hopes to replicate his playgrounds across the country.

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Source: A Playground Where Creativity Can Run Wild By Javier C. Hernandez, The New York Times, July 14, 2008
Date: July 25 2008