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Special issue of Environment and Urbanization: Building Cities with and for Children and Youth
Detail: A special issue of the journal Environment and Urbanization, published in October 2002, features a diverse set of papers on children and youth in cities around the world.

Articles include two case studies from Brazil: the city of Barra Mansa's child-oriented budgeting process and an awards-based initiative that strengthened the implementation of child rights in the State of Ceará. The issue features an overview of child-friendly cities in the Philippines and accounts of girl's and boy's priorities in low income settlements in Johannesberg and among Congolese refugees living in Dar es Salaam. Also included are a review of child-friendly city initiatives around the world, an overview of urban youth in conflict with the law in Africa, and a discussion of how to integrate children and youth into settlement development plans.

The feedback section of the special issue includes papers on the Porto Alegre, Brazil, environmental management system; community-led settlement upgrading in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; surveying and mapping slums in Pune and Sangli; and community participation in waste management in Bamako and Bangalore.

CYE readers may also access the Environment and Urbanization special issue articles through the Reprints of Interest link, under Resources.
Source: Environment & Urbanization, Vol 14, No 2, October 2002
Date: May 21 2003