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New Media Consumption Patterns in British Children
Detail: An annual survey of the communications market by Ofcom, Britain's telecoms regulator, shows children are consuming more media and more types of media than the previous generation. Three-quarters of British 11-year-olds now have their own television set, video-games player and mobile phone. Two years ago, 59% of those aged 8 to 15 regularly watched videos. Only 38% do so now. Two years ago 61% regularly played video games, compared with 53% today.

Old and not-so-old media such as videotapes and video games have been abandoned for the new. The internet and in particular social-networking websites are chosen over stand-alone media, such as DVDs. The trend seems to accelerate as children move into their teenage years. Nearly two-thirds of children between the ages of 12 and 15 use the internet, compared with 41% of those aged 8 to 11. This trend in new media usage has been attributed to proliferating high speed internet connections in British homes and the changing online experience from static to more real time video based interactions.
Source: The Economist, print edition, August 23rd 2007
Date: September 20 2007