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Downtown [Denver] playing catchup for families: Experts say kids key to urban vitality
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As in many cities around the United States, developers in Denver have revitalized the downtown core, increasing loft-style housing and attractions that appeal to young members of the "creative class" and wealthy professionals. Housing options and amenities that could lure families with young children to central Denver, however, remain scant.

"While downtown has a slew of attractions for singles and tourists, it doesn't offer the affordable housing, parks and other amenities that would draw families from the suburbs," writes Denver Post reporter Margaret Jackson. Jackson adds that the city may ultimately suffer if it doesn't accommodate families with children, who comprise "a key ingredient to successful community building."

Approximately 9,000 people live in downtown Denver, but there are only 325 families with children. The dearth of families creates challenges for those who have young children, from problems finding a suitable babysitter to logistical issues in getting children to schools around the city.

Making central Denver more family friendly would create incentives for better community development, Mayor John Hickenlooper said. "Kids add a lot in terms of what you do for public safety and parkland ... People are willing to invest more when their families are downtown."
Source: By Margaret Jackson, The Denver Post; BUSINESS; Pg. C-01
Date: March 12 2007