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Digital Media, the new cultural territory for Chinese Youth
Detail: Chinese urban kidsí engagement with new digital media is much more intense than equivalent demographics overseas. Miriam Rayman, researching the importance of the digital arena in marketing for youth in modern China, suggests that digital media resonates strongly with Chinese youth because the online world also provides a new cultural territory where identity is less bound to the conventions of Chinese society. The present generation of youth, according to Rayman, is a very different breed to their older Mao-governed generation and yet the social, school and work systems have not transformed adequately to keep pace with the new generation. These young people communicate in a different cultural language than their elders but are still expected to conform to societal norms of previous generations (being little Red Soldiers) in school or at work.

Blogs and online forums provide a vital support system to share or vent frustrations built up in real life contexts, and even violent computer games are incredibly popular (online users have risen to 137 million in China, just behind the 210 million US users). These online forums also help in providing a sense of community to young people, most of whom, as a result of the one-child-per-family policy, grew up without siblings. Moreover Chinese cities do not have the social infrastructure necessary to look after the needs of the new generation through supportive physical places. British youth enjoy several hangout places such as the community center, pubs or music venues. Chinese youth 'hangouts' are only just starting to emerge. The virtual arena, meanwhile, is providing an easy place to come together and gain access to other like- minded people.

The article provides key learnings to better inform marketing strategies to the sophisticated Chinese Youth who are at the forefront of consuming digital information. The full article is available in the following url:'s-youth.html
Source: Published 06 March 2007 in Brand Strategy ,'s-youth.html
Date: March 19 2007