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(community-based)school development

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: - arranging studytrips in europe and scandinavia


the focus is on community and children participation

child development

children's museum exhibitions


interprofessional collaboration in education

political psychology and culture

school safety

social danger perception

unicef country program for children

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a cappella singing
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a uk-based interdisciplinary consultancy firm specializing in public realm and cultural masterplanning.

abandoned children
abstinence education
abused children
academic achievement
acceptance of diversity
access to health services
accessible planning and design
action research
active living
active school transport
active school travel
active transport
active travel
activist learning
activist research
activity behavior and mobility
activity-travel analysis and modeling
adapted physical activity
adolescent delinquency
adolescent development
adolescent development in latin america
adolescent health
adolescent health care
adolescent issues
adolescent participation
adolescent pregnancy and sexuality
adolescent psychology
adolescent work
adolescent-city relationship
adolescents in armed conflict
adolescents' fear of crime
adolescents' neighborhood relations
adolescents' sense of community
adolescents, public space
adolescents’ rights
adult environmental education
aerial photographs
affective learning
affordable housing
affordances of natural environment to young children.
african development
after-school programs
age-friendly communities
agora xxi
agriculture in the curriculum
aids orphans
air pollution
alexa scully is a phd student studying aboriginal and place-based education at lakehead university
all the related intellectual and social skills fundamental to academic achievement – and to life. helle provides staff development training for public and private organizations and has presented many workshops and presentations for national and state professional groups of teachers
alternative research methodologies
american politics in comparative perspective
and creativity
and directed the postgraduate inclusive design (ma design research for disability) programme at london metropolitan university.

and environmental issues
and participatory methods with children and youth
and ph.d. 1989 from university of wisconsin at madison. he has extensive teaching experience in public and private secondary education
and policy development
and self-regulation.
and teacher training and development.

and the mentoring of young people.
and women and family empowerment
android science
animals and sport
anthropology and education
anthropology of childhood and youth
anti poverty
antonio torrice
application of research to design
applications of social science to contemporary land management issues
applied research
aquarium education
architect and socialpedagog - projects with children and youth - changing outdoor places - researching childrens life and cultural expressions between the houses and in natural settings - developing competence and networks in scandinavia - building picture archives and writes for the website "
architectural design
architectural design processes
architectural education
architectural practice
architecture and cognition, human/social factors and the environment, and technology-supported environments for collaborative design and social creativity.
architecture assessment
architecture for children
art and engineering design
art and science
art education
arts education
arts-based research
asian studies
at-risk populations
at-risk youth
attitude-behavior consistency
author and psychologist educated at the university of copenhagen with many years of experience working with children as an early childhood specialist
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baby room
baby's room
basic competence education
basic education
been director of the kompan play institute at kompan unique playgrounds. it is the institute’s role to advocate the benefits of outdoor play. this includes how it relates to the development of motor skills
behavior in recreation settings
behavioral and social science research
behavioral economics
behavioral medicine
behavioural mapping
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bilingual education
bio-cultural refugia
biobehavioral pathways in cancer
biology and society
biophilic design
biopsycholsocial help for children
bird watching
blondie girl here.
body image
boys room
brain/mind research
brazilian ngo cearah periferia
bridging the digital divide
brownfield redevelopment
build environment
building community disaster resilience
buildings for children
built environment
built environment and active transportation
built environment and physical activity
built environments
built environments and public health

campus ecology
canine compansionship
capacity building
capacity building with both adults and children
cardiovascular disease
case study methods
center for urban policy research
cge models
change adaptation
changing constructions of youth in post-war contexts
character development
chemical and radioactive contamination
chemicals and children's health
child abuse
child agency
child and adolescent health
child and family empowerment
child and human development
child and youth development
child and youth engagement in services
child and youth geography
child and youth health in conflict settings
child and youth participation
child and youth protagonism
child and youth protection
child beggars
child care
child care centers
child care institutions
child care support
child development
child development, environmental
child ecology
child fosterage
child friendly cities
child friendly environment
child health
child health and culture
child health and families
child injuries
child labor
child labour
child led disaster risk reduction
child migration
child obesity
child participation
child pedestrian safety
child photographer method
child poverty
child protection
child protection and participation
child protection approaches
child protection systems
child psychology
child psychotraumatology
child research methods
child research protagonists
child rights
child rights advocate
child rights programming
child safety
child sexual exploitation
child soldiers
child spaces in the city
child trafficking
child welfare
child well-being
child work in developing countries
child workers
child, youth, and social development
child- and youth-friendly cities
child-centered research methods
child-centred research methods
child-centric methods
child-city relationships
child-computer interaction
child-design interactions
child-directed approaches to assessment and intervention
child-friendly cities
child-friendly methods
child-friendly places
child-friendly planning
child-headed households
child-led initiatives
child-led organizations
child-nature interaction
child-related policy
child-to-child research
child/youth friendly comunities
childcare centers
childcare outdoor spaces
childcare settings
childhood and environment
childhood and schooling
childhood and youth geographies
childhood obesity
childhood poverty
children & play
children & space
children & urban planning
children & youth
children affected by armed conflict
children affected by hiv/aids
children affected by urban poverty
children affected by war and conflict
children and animals
children and architecture
children and childhood
children and cities
children and citizenship
children and conflict
children and disasters
children and disordered spaces
children and divorce
children and environment
children and governance
children and natural disasters
children and nature
children and neighborhoods
children and planning
children and the environment
children and their local environment
children and trauma
children and young people in conflict settings
children and young people's geographies
children and young peoples rights and entitlements
children and youth
children and youth affected by armed conflict
children and youth participation
children and youth participation in community design projects
children and youth program and policy planning
children and youth's environmental perceptions
children development
children facilities
children in care
children in chicago
children in conflict situations
children in conflict with law
children in difficult circumstances
children in difficult situation
children in disaster situations
children in foster care
children in nature advocate
children in prostitution
children in situations of armed conflict
children in the sex industry
children independent mobility
children lacking parental care
children left home alone
children living with disabilities
children out door environment
children participation
children participation governance
children participatory research
children pedagogical
children physical environments
children research
children restorative environment
children rights
children with disabilities
children without parental care
children's analogical reasoning, use of coordinates, proportional reasoning, mathematical development and event memory
children's and youth's geographies
children's behavior in neighorbood environments
children's centres
and schools
children's champion
children and young people's rights
decision making
children's citizenship
children's civic agency
children's cognition of remotely sensed images
children's cognitive maps
children's color preference
children's communication
children's community participation
children's councils
children's daily lives
children's design
children's designs
children's drawings as inspiration for design
children's enagagement in community
children's engagement with nature
children's environment
children's environmental health
children's environmental needs
children's environments
children's experiences in place-making as integrating context for curricula, to build connections with community, and to foster ecological literacy
children's furnishings
children's furniture
children's gardens
children's geographies
children's green in the city
children's health
children's health challenges
children's identities
children's inclusion in community planning processes
children's independent mobility
children's information access and use
children's involvement in disaster management
children's learning
children's learning environments
children's literature
children's mobility
children's motor development
children's museums
children's outdoor education
children's outdoor environments
children's participation
children's participation in community development

children's participation in planning
children's participation in society
children's participation, effects of traffic on children
children's perspectives on the urban environment
children's physical activity
children's place experience
children's play
children's play , recreational opportunities for children and young people
children's playgrounds
children's political participation
children's poverty
children's quality of life
children's relationship with nature
children's resilience
children's resiliency
children's rights
children's rights (monitoring)
children's rights and development programming
children's rights and voice
children's rights, education, and protection
children's rights, housing and neighborhood"
children's room design
children's rooms
children's self-determination
children's social skills
children's social work
children's spatial cognition, understanding and use of aerial photographs, maps and models
children's spiritual development
children's storytelling processes and tools
children's technologies
children's transportation
children's urban behavior
children's urban geographies project
children's use of cartographic maps, aerial photographs, and pictures
children's use of public space
children's use of recreational space
children's views in family law proceedings
children's work
children's work and welfare in the developing countries
children's workshops
children, education
children, youth and development
children, youth and participatory planning
children, youth and the built environment
children,youth, and neighborhoods
children-environment relationships
children-natural environment relationships
children-neighborhood behavior
childrens landscape"
childrens play
children’s agency and living condition
children’s and family gardens
children’s and juvenile delinquency
children’s civil and political rights
children’s connection to place
children’s culture
children’s culture.
children’s enjoyment of school-based physical activity
children’s environments
children’s experience of place
children’s geographies
children’s geographies and identity
children’s geography
children’s independent mobility
children’s independent mobility in the city
children’s outdoor environments
children’s participation
children’s participation in planning
children’s participation in urban planning and school ground design
children’s perspectives
children’s physical activity
children’s places
children’s play
children’s right to participation
children’s right to play
children’s rights
children’s social and emotional development
children’s use of parks, vacant lots, and public space
children’s well-being
children´s moral development
children´s participation
children´s physical environment
children´s rights
chronic diseases
chronic illness
chronic illness and trauma
cities and urban change
citizen and youth partnership
citizen concept
citizen engagement
citizenship and childhood
citizenship and urban form
city youth development agenda
civic ecology
civic engagement
civic engagement and community empowerment
civic engagement of young people
civic participation by immigrants
civil society
civil unrest
civil-military cooperation
claire is a curator
classroom design and use
climate change
climate change adaptation
climate change education
climate change policy
clinical psychology
co-decision making
coach carter movie quotes<
coalition building
cognitive and social development in early childhood
cognitive development
cognitive development and risk perception
cognitive mapping
collaborative approaches to environmental, landscape, and urban planning and design
collaborative learning
collaborative planning
collaborative research
collaborative techologies
college student development
college teaching methods
color & light theory
colorado ocean coalition
comment2, <
commercial exploitation of children
commercial public space
commercial sexual exploitation of children
communication for development
communication media
community action
community activism
community activists
community and environmental psychology
community and regional food systems planning
community based micro credit systems and appropriate technologies for local development
community build
community child protection
community collaboration
community design
community design build
community development
community development and empowerment
community driven development
community engagement
community engagement for public health
community environmental design for children, youth and families
community facilitation
community food systems planning
community gardens
community health
community health initiatives
community influence on child/youth health
community initiavies
community leaders
community mapping
community mobilization
community needs assessment
community nutrition, growth, infection
community organizations
community organizing
community parks
community participation
community participation and empowerment of marginalized people
community participation and engagement
community participation in primary health care
community partnerships
community planning
community planning and development
community preparedness and response
community preparedness for disasters
community programming
community psychology
community research partnerships
community resilience to disasters
community resilience to natural disasters
community responses to disasters
community responses to perceived environmental threats
community service learning
community sociology
community university partnerships
community youth development
community-based art
community-based environmental education
community-based instruction
community-based learning
community-based participatory design
community-based programs
community-based urban natural resource management
competitive biking
complementary and alternative medicine (cam)
complexity theory
complexity theory.
complexity thinking
computer culture
computer science
computer-based environmental visualization
computer-based learning
computer-mediated communication
conception of attitudes
conceptual development
conceptual technologies
concrete and relevant knowledge
conflict situations
connecting schools and community
connection to nature
consequences of modernization
conservation biology
conservation education and stewardship
conservation policy support models
conservation psychology
constructions of 'nation' and national identity
constructions of 'nature' and environment
constructive play
constructivist learning
consulting with children and young people
consumer electronics
consumption smoothing
contemporary social theory
contested spaces
contextual influences
controversial deaths and the state
costa rica
creating better places for children and families
creating inclusive communities
creative aging
creative process
creative writing
creativity and engineering design
creativity and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (stem) in early childhood
criminal justice
criminalization of children and youth
crisis survival
critical childhood studies
critical pedagogy
critical social theory
critical theory, methods and analysis
critical theory.
cross-border regionalism
cross-cultural communication
cross-cultural identity threats
cross-cultural issues in education and adoption from china
cross-cultural psychology
ctc approach to school sanitation and hygiene education
cultural and social factors related to reproductive events in youth populations
cultural anthropology
cultural aspects of development
cultural capital
cultural context of leadership, art and culture as means of supporting development
cultural contexts and youth development
cultural differences
cultural diversity
cultural economy
cultural historical activity theory
cultural labor
cultural political-economy
curriculum development
curriculum theory
custom design, child advocacy
cuttings of wildly grown non cultivated grains
cyber pets

daily life and management of space and time
data analysis
day care design
daycare centers
decentralized thinking
decision-making analysis
decolonization of media usage in social research
deconcentration of poverty
decorating ideas
democracy in the classroom
democratic communities
democratic decentralization
democratic inclusion processes
democratic innovation
demographic analysis for schools and public organizations
density and crowding
department for education and skills’ children and youth board
design and public health
design for all
design for children
design for children with special needs
design for older adults
design for special needs
design knowledge
design of learning environments for children
design of outdoor learning environments
design of outdoor play space
design of schools
design participation
design policy
design programming
design that influences development
design theory
design tools
design-based science
designed environments
designing and building with youth
designing assessment for learning
designing children's environments
designing children's rooms
designing greenspace for children
designing nurseries
designing nurturing landscapes for nature's children
developing child-sensitve research processes with children
developing countries
developing pioneering programmes within
creative practice and culturally-led regeneration. she is ae co-founder of general public agency
developing regions
developing school gardens
development aid
development and health
development and well-being
development banking
development communications
development cooperation
development geography
development of communicative competence in individuals who are non-verbal
development of community practices
development of graduate teaching assistants
development of self-esteem
development studies
developmental consequences of poverty
developmental context
developmental engineering
developmental evaluation
developmental factors in engineering pedagogy
developmental needs
developmental neurotoxicology
developmental psychology
developmental psychopathology
developmental psychopathology of anxiety and depression
developmentally appropriate design
digital cameras
digital libraries
digital libraries for children
digital media
direct service and youth development
disability issues
disability studies
disabled parents and young carers
disadvantaged youth
disaster management
disaster mental health services
disaster outcomes
disaster preparedness
disaster recovery
disaster resilience
disaster risk reduction
disaster spiritual services
disasters and health
disasters and violence
discovery based learning
discovery play
discovery playgrounds
discrimination & violence and access to economic resources.
displaced children
displaced people
displaced people after disasters
domestic violence
domestic violence prevention
dr. greg smith received a b.a. 1970 from university of oregon
dr. oakleigh thorne

drug use and street cultures
dyadic parent-infant interaction

early childhood
early childhood antecedents of engineering thinking
early childhood care and education (eccd) and children in emergency.
early childhood curriculum
early childhood education
early childhood education for sustainabilty
early childhood environmental education
early childhood environments
early childhood health, wellbeing, physical, movement and nature-based education
early childhood learning
early childhood studies
early engineering
early years and elementary education
earth and environmental sciences
earth art
earth systems science
east africa
eating disorders
ecological and transformational politics
ecological literacy
ecological psychology
ecological sustainability
ecological urban design
ecology and design
ecology and evolutionary biology
ecology of disease
ecology of play
economic development
economic development and poverty
economic development in the united states and mexico.
economic geography
economic rights of children
ecopsychological development of infants and toddlers
ecosystem services
education and manufacturing competitiveness
education and psychology
education and youth development
education consulting
education for all and educational spaces for all
education for sustainability
education for sustainability, teacher education
education for sustainable development
education law
education physical environments
education policy
education reform
education research
education systems
educational administration
educational and facility planning for school districts
educational built environments
educational computer games
educational disadvantage
educational environments
educational facilities
educational facility planning and design
educational games and simulations
educational inclusion
educational landscapes
educational management
educational planning in developing countries
educational policy
educational psychology
educational robotics and software
educational speaker
educational studies
educational technologies
educational technology
educational toys and games
educational websites
educationally underserved youth

effective learning environments that develop adaptive expertise
effective planning and policy for hazards
effects of (airport) noise on health
effects of individual differences and psychosocial intervention
elderly populations
electronic learning communities
elementary education
embedded computer technology
emergency communications
emergency management
emergency management policy
emergent educational technologies
emerging technologies
emotional/ behavioral disorders
empirical research
employment policies and creative industries
empowerment of families, children, and youth
empowerment zones
enterprise communities
enviromental education
environment - behavior studies
environment and health
environment and social psychology
environment and society
environment-behavior relationships
environmental action
environmental aesthetics
environmental and cultural understanding
environmental and natural resource education
environmental and social change
environmental and sustainability education
environmental artist
environmental attitudes and ecological behaviors
environmental behavior
environmental citizenship
environmental cognition
environmental competence in children of different ages and cultural background
environmental competence, design of educational facilities
environmental competencies
environmental concern
environmental contaminants and children's development
environmental contamination
environmental decision-making
environmental design
environmental dispute resolution
environmental education
environmental education programming
environmental ethics
environmental factors impacting allergy
environmental factors impacting youth's physical activity
environmental hazards
environmental health
environmental influences on food consumption practices
environmental influences on infant development
environmental influences on physical activity
environmental influences on school adjustment
environmental justice
environmental learning
environmental learning of children
environmental literacy
environmental meaning
environmental perception
environmental perception and preferences
environmental perceptions
environmental planning
environmental playscape design
environmental preferences
environmental psychology
environmental quality and human well-being
environmental responsibility
environmental risk
environmental risk perception
environmental science
environmental security and peacemaking
environmental stress
environmental studies
environmental traffic management
environments for learning
envrionmental science
epistemologies and ontologies of ict in africa
equal opportunities
equitable access for disabled individuals
equitable access for elderly
equity in education
esp. for children at risk and in low-income families
especially children's participation rights
ethnic and minority children
ethnic minorities
child poverty
ethnicity in education
ethno-religious identity
ethnographic method
ethnographic research
ethnography as a literary genre
evaluation of child-related social policies
evaluation research
evidence-based advocacy
evidence-based planning
evolutionary biology
exec. board member - national playground safety institute
existential education
existential epistemology
experiential education
experiential learning
exploring nature with children
extinction of experience
extreme poverty

f66qee <
facilities planning & design
facility management
facility programming
families and trauma
families’ everyday life
family adaptation to pediatric chronic illness
family and social change
family development approach
family economics
family group conferences
family households in the city
family leisure
family life
family physical activity
family residential relationships
family resource centers
family-centered care
farm-school cooperation
fear of crime
female genital mutilation
feminist geography
feminist theory
fetal alcohol syndrome
financing social services
fiscal budgets
fiscal impacts of development
folk music
food and nutrition
food consumption
food security
food systems and security, horticultural therapy for youth
food, place & identity
for the last four years
forced migration
forest kindergartens
formal & informal playgrounds
formal and nonformal learning environments
former teacher/education administrator
fort culture
foster care
francoise remington is the founder and executive director of forgotten children, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in arlington, virginia, which seeks to improve the conditions of children living in difficult circumstances in the world, mainly through educational projects. forgotten children is implementing small vocational and educational projects in india and haiti.

for the past 18 years, mrs. remington has been a child rights advocate. from 1985 to 1988, she directed the india program for the american adoption agency, in washington, d.c. during that time, she traveled extensively throughout india visiting orphanages. she placed 25 orphan children in american homes. while traveling in india, she also witnessed children working in factories. in response, she established a network of indian and nepalese activists who are working to eradicate child labor. in june 1996, she testified on child labor before the subcommittee on international operations and human rights, committee on foreign relations, u.s. house of representatives to advocate that the world bank include a policy against child labor in its lending policies. on october 21, 1999, she testified before the committee on foreign relations, u. s. senate, in favor of the ilo convention (no.182) for elimination of the worst forms of child labor.

mrs. remington holds a master's degree in international relations and economics from the johns hopkins university, school of advanced international studies and a doctorate in french literature from the university of paris, sorbonne. she has written numerous articles on child labor, which have been published in india, japan, and the united states. in addition, in 1996 she participated in an expert's seminar on "
free play
free pussy ass pictures<
from the university of south dakota. she is currently employed at family & children’s services in tulsa

gandhian thought and education
garden-based learning
gardening and healthy eating
gardening curriculum
gardening with children and youth
gardening with youth involved in the juvenile justice system
gay san francisco massage<
gender & childhood
gender and development
gender and intergenerational issues
gender and power
gender equality
gender issues in community planning
gender issues in education
gender preferences
gender relations in asia
gender studies
gender-aware economics
gender-based violence
geo-strategic and geopolitical theory
geographic information system
geographic information systems (gis)
geographical education
geographical information systems (gis)
geographies of childhood
geographies of children
geographies of health
geographies of health and healthcare
geographies of muslim identities
geographies of nature
geographies of parenting, childhood and youth
geographies of sexualities
geographies of the body
geography education
geography of caring
geography of sport
geography of the body
gifted education
girls in zimbabwe
girls room
girls' education
global citizens
global economic restructuring
global health
global positioning systems
good governance
governance at the national and municipal level
grant writing
grass-root ngos
grassroots and community activism
great lakes region of central africa
green infrastructure
green school grounds
green space
groundwater contamination due to agriculture
growth and development

hazard awareness
head start
healing gardens
health and children
health and land use planning
health and lifestyle
health and morality
health and nutrition intervention programs
health and physical education
health and place.
health behavior
health behaviour change
health care
health care facility design
health disparities
health economics
health education
health educator
health effects of demographic change
health effects of pesticides on children
health equity
health geography
health impacts
health inequalities
health planning
health promoting schools
health promotion
health promotion programs
health psychology
health science
healthcare and commercial organisations
healthcare decisions
healthcare environments
healthcare facility design
healthy bodyweight
healthy communities
healthy communities

expertise: planning education
healthy community design
healthy environment
healthy neighborhoods
healthy urban ecosystems
helle is a scandinavian educator
helping children learn through play especially the health messages and life skills
heritage management
high school dropout
high school reform
higher education
his research interests are environmental education and environmental design.
hispanic health disparities
historical disasters
historical geography of mental health
historical use of parks
history of childhood
history of children
history of education
hiv and aids
hiv/aids & children
holistic youth and family development
home environment
home visitation
home-school travel
homeless youth
horticultural or gardentherapy for children
hospital design
hospital garden
hospitals, parks, libraries
housing and mental health
housing and neighborhood quality
housing assistance
housing policy
housing programs
housing quality and child development
how built environment attributes and community design promote active living
how parks and recreational facilities promote youth physical activity
how to change the world""""""""""""
human activity
human and family development
human development
human development strategies
human dimensions of natural resource management
human ecology
human factors
human geography
human health and the natural environment
human rights
human settlements
human-animal interaction
human-artifact interactions
human-computer interaction
human-computer interactions
human-environmental interactions
human-nature relationships
human-robot interaction
humanitarian assistance
humanitarian emergencies
hurricane katrina

i am an individual tying to rediscover
i am now a full time phd student, researching 'youth participation', within statutory provision. my interests are youth policy, participation, history and development of youth / community work
i have been a youth work practitioner for over nine years. i graduated from sunderland university in 2005
i work on disaster and emergency programmes. currently involved in a drr programme for general community children and youth.
key intersts
building linkage between schools and communities
ict and social justice
identification with nature
identity development
ideologies of nature
ii received his b.s. and m.s. from yale university and ph.d. from the university of colorado. he is founder and honorary president of thorne ecological institute
immigrant children
immigrant communities
immigrant housing
immigrant youth
impact of built environment at neighborhood scale on adult walking behavior

impact of climate change on water resources and water quality
impact of economic policies on child rights
impact of family and community violence and trauma on child development
impact of intellectual property rights on third world nations
impact of interior environments on children
impact of macro-economic policies on children
impact of natural playscapes on children's behavior
impact of neighborhoods on child disease
impacts of motorized travel on health
impacts of users on the sustainability effectiveness of a building project
impoverished families
in addition to his most recent assignments in higher education. his research interests include place and community-based education
in my room
in my world
in particular those which consider social inclusion/exclusion
in preparation for the united nations conference habitat ii.

mrs. remington's work for forgotten children is voluntary and without compensation. professionally, she has been a high school teacher for many years and currently teaches french at the washington international school. she has dual citizenship in france and the united states. she and her husband, michael j. remington, are the proud parents of three adopted children from india, two of whom came from an orphanage run by the sisters of mother teresa.

in thunder bay
incest as child
inclusionary practices
inclusive & outdoor environments for play
inclusive & sustainable children's environments
inclusive design
inclusive learning environments
inclusive play
inclusive schools
income inequality
independent mobility
indigenous education
indigenous epistemology
indigenous knowledges and different ways of knowing
indigenous population
indigenous psychologies
individuals with disabilities
industrial/ organizational psychology
inequalities in child health
infant & toddler programs
infant development
infant feedingl child growth
infant/toddler mental health
infants and toddlers
influence of physical environment on physical activity
influence of social environment on physical activity
influences of sociocultural ideals on children environment
informal economy
informal education program evaluation
informal education programs
informal learning
informal learning environments
informal science
informal settlements
information access
information technology
information technology, people, and nature.
innovative experiential learning methods
innovative residential development
innovative street design
inservice training. courtyard and school grounds design
institutional development
integative practices to support trauma recovery
integrated tropical design of children's environments
integrated tropical design of learning environments
integration of theories, methods, and tools into performance-based architecture, engineering, and construction practices
intellectual property rights
intelligent robotics
inter-agency services
inter-generational studies
interactions between people
interactive design
interactive information technologies
interactive museums
intercultural aspects of outdoor learning
interdisciplinary educational programs
interdisciplinary scholarship
interests: community building
intergenerational design
intergroup attitudes
intergroup exclusion
intergroup relations
intergroup relations in conflict areas
interior design
interior design for children
international and intercultural research on childhood and youth
international collaboration
international congress on brazilian youth
international development
international development and human rights
international human rights
international humanitarian law
international planning
international play association: promoting the child's right to play, vice president (europe)
international trade
international trade, investment, and innovation
international work with kindergartens in refugee camps in war zone in middle east, teacher training in e. europe
internet governance
interpersonal violence
interplay of private and public domains in spaces of dialogue
interrelations between developmental science, social realities, and public policy
intersection of educational reform and community development
intersection of environmental change and human rights
interventions to improve children’s school-based physical activity
interventions to increase physical activity
interventions to strengthen rituals and routines to reduce the effects of trauma
interviewing children
intrinsic learning
involving children in research, awerreness-raising and advocacy
islamic philosophy, child space in child friendly city

javanese, balinese and indonesian cultures.

jazz piano
juconi foundations for street children
julia torquati is currently an associate professor in the department of child
juvenile crime
juvenile delinquency
juvenile delinquents
juvenile justice
juvenile justice process

k-12 and higher education teaching experience in public and private school settings
kelly keena is a ph.d. candidate in educational leadership and innovation at the university of colorado denver. her research currently explores children’s experiences in a naturalized schoolyard. her interests include how children develop a sense of place and how children’s free exploration in nature contributes to their sense of place.
kids furnishings
kids furniture
kids room
kids room ideas
kids rooms

labor economics
labor migration
land development patterns
land surveying
land use
land use and travel behavior
landscape and urban design
landscape architects and park and recreational professionals.
landscape architecture
landscape as a cultural expression
landscape design
landscape experience
landscape management
landscape meaning
landscape planning
landscape planning and design
landslide hazard and risk
language socialization
latin america
latin american families
latin american studies
latino communities
latino middle class
laura malinin is a licensed architect and instructor in the college of architecture and planning at the university of colorado where she is also pursuing a joint ph.d. in cognitive science and design & planning. her areas of interest include cognitive studies of creativity and design processes
lbb-learn by being
learning across formal and informal environments
learning and teaching
learning between schools and museums
learning centers
learning environment design
learning environments
learning environments and creativity
learning environments(physical)
learning landscape alliance
learning landscapes
learning language through mediated discussion
learning playgrounds
learning science
learning sciences
learning through design and construction activities
learning through designing
learning trajectories
leaving home
lee salk
legal and institutional adaptation
leisure behaviour
leisure education for children and youth
leisure/out of school time
lejxql <
life-world design throughout the life span
lifelong science learning
links between art, design, environmental education
lived experiences
livelihood resilience and disasters
livelihood security
livelihood studies
living and learning environments
living arrangements
living classrooms
local and national youth policy
local development
local economic development
local environmental justice issues
local governance and government
local government
local government institutions
london play, chief executive
long-term memory
long-term poverty
low cost housing
low- and middle-income countries
low-income african countries
low-income children
lowincome settlements

m.a. 1976 from southern oregon university
m.ed early childhood education and m.s me studies.
m0m3ky <
macroeconomic policy modeling
macroeconomics and poverty
making murals and art
management in voluntary/third sector
marginalisation and resistance of vulnerable youth
marginalization and criminalization
marginalized adolescence
marginalized groups
marine ecology
marine policy
marriage and family counseling
massively multiplayer online games
masters thesis on: "
material culture
maternal and child health
maternal health
math & science cognition
mathematics education
measuring community disaster resilience
media development
media literacy
mediated technology support of playful learning
memory development
mental health
mental health and addictions
mental health and parenthood
mental health and wellbeing strategies which focus on children and young people
mentally ill adults
metabolic disease risk
methods for teaching braille reading
middle childhood
middle east
middle school girls
migrant children
migrant population
mobility and health
monitoring and evaluation
monitoring and evaluation methodologies
monitoring and evaluaton (m&e)
montessori education
moral reasoning
mosaic approach
mothering cultures
mothers' conversations in supporting social cognitive development
mothers, fathers, and children as civic activists
motivational speaker
mountain biking
mountain ecosystems
moving to opportunity
multicultural and indigenous knowledge
multicultural climates
multicultural education
multicultural psychology
multidimensional poverty
multiorganizational networks in disasters
municipal partnerships
municipal public policies
museum exhibits
music education
music, national identity and nation-building
my interests and expertise are with children's rights

narrative and music
national children’s bureau’s board of management
native plants
natural and cultural environments
natural disasters
natural environment
natural environments
natural environments and human behavior
natural environments and human health
natural hazard resilience
natural hazards mitigation
natural hazards planning
natural learning environments
natural play and learning environments
natural play spaces
natural playgrounds
natural playscapes
natural playspaces
natural resource conservation, park management, youth
natural resource education
natural resource management
natural resources education
natural resources management
natural urban environments
natural world
naturalized playgrounds
naturalized school grounds
nature and child development
nature and culture
nature connections
nature conservation
nature conservation/preservation
nature education
nature in the city
nature kindergarten
nature play
nature preschool
nature programs
nature routines
nature-based tourism
need for natural spaces in communities
neighborhood design
neighborhood effects
neighborhood relations
neighborhoods and physical activity patterns
neighborhoods, nature
neighbourhood and household socio-economic status
neighbourhood development
neil taylor received his phd in science education from queensland university of technology in 2007. he is currently an associate professor in science and technology education at the university of new england in australia. he teaches primary science and technology education and education for sustainability (efs). his research is largely in the area of efs and he has a particular interest in efs in developing countries.
new gender identities in a globalizing world
new information and communication technologies
new technology for children
ngo children programs
non-aversive behavior supports
non-formal education
non-hybrid seeds
non-motorized transport
nonformal education
nonverbal language development

nurturing children’s development
nurturing landscapes
nutrition and hiv
nutritional anthropology

obesity prevention
obesity prevention and reduction
obesity treatment and prevention
occupancy evaluation
occupational health
ocean conservation
ocean education
ok as an infant/toddler mental health specialist in several of tulsa’s head start & early head start sites. her interests include working with children and their families
online and offline play
online communities
online culture
open space
open space design
organic farming
organisational capacity building
organizational behavior
organizational development
organizational science
out-of-school child care
out-of-school childcare
out-of-school time learning
out-of-school time programs
outdoor classrooms
outdoor education
outdoor education/recreation
outdoor environmental design and children’s play behaviors
outdoor environments
outdoor environments that support human health
outdoor learning
outdoor learning environment
outdoor learning environments
outdoor play
outdoor play space design
outdoor recreation
outdoor recreation for people with disabilities
outdoor recreation management
outdoor space programming and design
outdoor spaces
outdoor spaces for young children
outdoors as a learning environment

pamala anderson<
par as a tool for activism
parent education
parent/child learning
parental and teacher education
parental incarceration
parental incarceration.
parental perceptions
parenting and family support
parenting and gender
park maintenance
park management
park planning
park, forest and wilderness recreation management
participative research designs
participative urban and architectural design
participatory action
participatory action and policy research
participatory action research
participatory and action research
participatory budgeting
participatory community design
participatory democracy
participatory design
participatory development
participatory health education
participatory learning
participatory management
participatory media
participatory methodologies
participatory methodologies (teachers
participatory methods
participatory planning
participatory planning and design
participatory planning processes
participatory planning with children and youth
participatory poverty assessment
participatory processes
participatory research
participatory research and evaluation
participatory research and visual techniques
participatory research children and youth
participatory research methods
participatory research with children.
participatory school grounds development
particularly those who have experienced or are currently experiencing traumatic life events.
pattern language and the development of design guides
peace corps
peace education
pedagogies and place
pedagogy of community design engagement
pediatric environmental health
pediatric trauma
people with disabilities
people-centered planning
people-environment studies
performing arts
performing arts / dance
personal and social education
pervasive computing
phd features working with low income scottish communities on issues and policy affecting food choices and eating habits.
interested in youth justice and participation action research.

phd in child development
expertise in positive youth development
philosophy and method in the social sciences
physical activity
physical activity and adolescents
physical activity and fitness
physical activity and minorities
physical activity assessment
physical activity epidemiology
physical activity intervention, psychological well-being
physical activity patterns and behaviors among children and youth
physical activity promotion
physical education
physical environment
physical fitness
physical fitness assessment
physical, social and philosophical aspects of childhood disability / chronic illness
place and nature
place and place-based sustainability education
place attachment
place based design programs involving youth
place based education
place based learning environments
place identity and place attachment
place making
place-based education
place-based environmental education
place-based pedagogy

placed-based education
planning and design for healthy communities
planning and design of children's environments
planning and health
planning and public policy
planning for children
planning history
planning in regions experiencing conflict

planning systems
planning using digital technologies
planning youth and families
plant growth systems
plant-environment relationships
plants and human well-being
play and cognitive development
play and learning
play and risk
play behavior
play development
play environments
play in nature
play interaction
play materials
play policy
play project management
play spaces
playful learning
playground design
playground design and construction
playground designer

playground safety
playroom ideas
policy analysis
policy analysis of development strategies
policy making in countries of transition
political activism of children and youth
political anthropology
political attitudes of under-represented groups
political ecology
political economy
political science
political theory and philosophy
political violence
politics of geographical knowledge
politics of transnationalism
politics of urban design
pollution and children's health
popular culture of disasters
popular housing
population dynamics and development
pornography addiction
positive psychology
positive youth development
post-conflict and post-disaster
post-industrial cities of north america
post-occupancy evaluation
poststructuralist theories of the body
poverty alleviation
poverty and socio-economic inequalities
poverty race and gender
poverty reduction
poverty reduction strategies
poverty-related stress

power drawing

practical utopias: communes, cooperatives, green politics, community organizing
pre-school environments
pregnancy in adolescency
prenatal influences on infant emotional development
preservation of local communities
preservation planning
pretend play
prevention of child abuse and neglect
prevention of disease within a socio-ecological context
prevention of risk behavior
prevention programs
preventive medicine
primary and secondary schools
primary care health services research and training
primary health care
primitive skills
private and public responsibility
privilege in education
pro-poor climate and disaster governance
problem-based learning
process development
processes of modernization and individualization
production and consumption of urban space
production and reproduction of space
production of nature
professional development
professional development models for teaching and leadership
professionalization and modernization of public and popular education
professor beverley raphael is a of professor population mental health and disasters within the medical school at the university of western sydney
program development
program evaluation
programme development
project cycle management
project-based science
promotion of participation
protection of child rights
psychoanalysis and computer technology
psychological intervention in disasters
psychological science-based policy-making
psychosocial aspects of childhood cancer
psychosocial aspects of injury
psychosocial health
psychosocial interventions
psychosocial programming
psychosocial support
psychosocial support and resources in situations of displacement
psychosocial trauma in children
ptsd in children and adolescents
public accountability
public affairs
public and private spheres
public art
public design participation
public education
public health
public housing
public housing redevelopment
public law
public open space
public participation
public policy
public realm
public response to disaster warnings
public scholarship
public space
public space and exclusion
public spaces for children
public-private partnerships
pupil councils

qualitative methodology and the politics of research
qualitative methods
qualitative research
qualitative research methodologies
qualitative research methods
qualitative research methods

quantitative research methods

race and ethnicity
race and ethnicity in higher education
race and racism
race and the environment
racial/ ethnic minorities
reasoning with mathematics and models
recreation and youth development
recreation planning for municipalities
recreation resource management
recreational learning
redevelopment of urban communities
redistribute share & effectively use information collect samples
reflective learning
refugee children
reggio emilia
regional housing initiatives
registered mentally handicapped
rehabilitation of children's environments
reintegration of former child soldiers in sierra leone
relationship between urban design, revitalization,
and sense of community
relationships between body and identity
religious movements
religious places and landscape politics
reproductive health
research by children
research design
research in children's environmental health
research interests: the use of narrative and story as a tool or measn for supporting children's relationship with natural environments.
practice interests: children's play in and around natural environmnets.
research methodologies
research methodologies with children
research methodology
research methods
research on children's environment
research utilization in architecture, urban design and urban and regional planning.

research with children
research-policy-practice relationships
residential childcare
residential outdoor environmental education programs
resilience of young people in difficult circumstances
resource economics
respect for diversity
restoration ecology
restorative/healing landscapes
returns and reintegration
right to education

rights-based approaches
risk and damage assessments
risk and resilience
risk communication
risk communication and evaluation
risk perception
risk perception and response
risk-taking behaviours
rites of passage
ritual in therapy
rituals and routines within families, schools, and neighborhoods
ro logrippo
road accidents
road safety
robotic sensor networks
role modeling
role of children in societal evolution
role of education spaces in traumatic urbanization
role of parks and public lands in promoting physical activity and public health
role of school education
role of technology
role of technology in disasters
roles of teachers
room photos
room pictures
rural childhood
rural communities
rural education
rural geographies
russian language

safe communities
safe motherhood
safe routes to school
safe schools
safety and risk management
salem peacock on an urn<
sand and water play
scaffolding youth participation
school architecture
school architecture as pedagogy
school buildings
school choice
school communities
school councils
school cultures
school desegregation
school design
school environments
school gardens
school ground design
school ground greening
school grounds
school leadership
school planning
school psychology
school reform
school resources
school safety
school segregation
school to work transitions
school transitions
school-based health and behavioral health services

school-based intervention
schools and child caring programs developing emergency management plans, children participating in major ways
black youth
science and environmental education
science and technology
science education
science for all"
science learning
science learning across formal and informal contexts
science outreach programs
science teaching
science, society and sustainability
sculptural elements
seasonal play practices
self-regulation for students with affective and cognitive needs
sense of community
sense of place
sense of place and identity
sensory integration
sensory play
service learning
services and interventions promoting child and youth development
sex/sexuality education
sexual health
sexuality-focused conceptual frameworks
shared room
she has consulted major educational
shrubs food stuff etc. as hobby. i am a young of 48 yrs.& for such activities searching for a paad type of land having a water facility for going & staying there for the on the field present management the homesteading way. i am interested in relating in a on the farm activities so as can continue with my hobby too.

simulations of nature
slow space
smadar has founded an interdisciplinary consultancy that specialises in child centred design of products and environments . over the past 15 years
smadar samson is a product designer and an artist with expertise in inclusive design.
having graduated in industrial design
small schools
social and cultural geographies of physical activity and health
social and economic change
social and educational development
social and environmental justice
social and environmental sustainability
social and moral development
social and moral reasoning
social anthropology
social capital
social change
social cognitive development
social construction of masculinity
social constructions of race
social control of disaster survivors
social creativity
social determinants of health
social development
social developmental psychology - pedestrian - child - risk perception - rule perception - gender differences
social disorganization theory
social dynamics of the design review processes
social geographies of outsiders
social geography
social identity
social inclusion
social inclusion policy
social inequalities in child health
social inequality
social integration
social journalism
social justice
social justice in schools
social movements
social network analysis
social networks
social pedagogy
social physique anxiety
social policies
social policy
social policy and social identity
social problems and crime
social projects
social protection of children
social protection policies
social protection systems and measures
social psychological aspects of outdoor recreation
social psychology
social reproduction
social reproduction and everyday life
social research methods
social robotics
social studies education
social studies of science
social sustainability
social theory
social understanding of climate change
social vulnerability
social welfare
social work
social, philosophical and policy aspects of childhood disability/chronic illness
social-ecological memory
socialization institutions for children
socio-behavioral aspects of disaster warning systems
socio-cultural approaches to human development
socio-cultural aspects of science learning
socio-economic development
socio-environmental and community-development projects
sociocultural change
sociocultural theory
socioecological resilience
socioeconomic disparities
socioeconomic status
sociology of childhood
sociology of children & youth
south african street children
south asia
south east asia
southeast asia
southern africa
southern africa.
space and place
space syntax
spaces for experiential learning
spatial analysis
spatial aspects of development
spatial aspects of sustainability
spatial capital
spatial cognition
spatial modeling techniques
spatial morphology
spatial reasoning to address contemporary social
special education
special populations and disasters
sport and exercise psychology
sri lanka
statistical methods
stem curriculum development
stereotype and prejudice reduction
stigma and discrimination
strategic conference planning
strategic planning and evaluation
street & working children
street children
street girls
street phenomenology
street play
street theatre
street youth
strength-based approach
strengthening children and youth organisations
strengthening people-place relations
stress and coping
stress and health
structural inequity in access to health resources

student activism
student and teacher motivation
student learning
student researchers
student-led school reform
students at-risk
sub-saharan africa
suicide awareness
support to civil society
survival strategies of poor households
sustainability and design
sustainable and just food systems
sustainable behavior
sustainable communities
sustainable design
sustainable design for children
sustainable development
sustainable environments for children
sustainable living practices
sustainable materials for shelters
sustainable schools
sustainable transportation
sustainable urban development

teach professional development
teacher beliefs and classroom practice
teacher education
teacher learning
teacher professional development
teacher's use of the classroom
teachers' professional change
teaching and learning
teaching biology
teaching methods
technological literacy
technological support of children's learning
technology and environmental issues
technology as a context for development
technology education
technology in education
technology-supported learning environments
teenage work
the arts and horticulture
the critical role young people play in urban change and transformation
the family
the impact of the built environment on physical activity and health outcomes
the otherness of childhood
the place of race and racism
the role of teachers in building sustainable communities
the scottish parliament
theoretical models
theoretical models and research designs in developmental science through the life course
theories, methods, and tools supporting sustainable, multidisciplinary systems thinking
theory of learning outside the classroom
therapeutic effects of animals (dogs)
tom neppl is currently the principal landscape architect of neppl landscape architecture and planning, llc and a lecturer in the college of design at iowa state university. his professional practice interest includes youth camps, parks and environmental education centers
tony torrice
traffic danger perception
traffic safety
trainer and facilitator
training on research methods with children and young people
training teachers/adults to work with children after disaster
traits of healthy single families
transformative education
transformative learning
transformative research
transnational political networks
transport decision-making
transport economics and geography
transportation geography
transportation planning
traumatic events for youth
travel behavior
treasurer - international play association
treating traumatized youth
trisha miller received her doctorate degree in psychology (clinical/disaster psychology)
ttopical and landscape ecology

ubiquitous computing
uincjn <
un history
undergraduate education
understanding children's urban experience
understanding of natural world
united states
universal design
university teaching
unstructured activity
urban action research
urban agriculture
urban and regional planning
urban childhood
urban community development in asia
urban crime
urban design
urban design and planning
urban designers)

urban ecology
urban economics
urban environmental management
urban environments
urban farming
urban food security
urban forestry
urban form
urban geography
urban girls
urban governance
urban green structures
urban greenspaces
urban history
urban history of children's environments
urban interface wildland fire defensible space practices
urban land tenure
urban layouts
urban lifestyle
urban livelihoods
urban management
urban nature
urban outdoor spaces
urban planning
urban planning and design
urban planning history/struggles over public space
urban planning, emotional geographies
urban policy
urban political economy
urban poverty
urban poverty reduction
urban project approaches
urban public policy
urban public space
urban public space and public policies in mexico city

urban regeneration
urban renewal
urban safety
urban school reform, disproportionate representation of students of color in special education, systems change, university – school district partnerships
urban social geography
urban social-ecological systems
urban sociology
urban space
urban spaces
urban studies
urban sustainability
urban violence
urban water supply
urban youth
urban youth livelihoods
urban youth of color
urban/social geography
urbanization and globalization
use of electronic medical records
use of outdoor environments
use of urban public space
user interface design
user participation
users' interaction with the built surroundings
using gis for cumulative environmental impact assessments
utopia and education

value sensitive design
vernacular/traditional settlements
video games
video games as learning tools
violence against and involving youth
violence against children
violence against women and children
violence and discrimination against girls
violence and incarceration including children in custody
violence in dating relationships
violence prevention
virtual pets and children
virtual reality
virtual reality and environments
virtual worlds
vision-based mobile robots
visual culture
visual impairment
visual methods
visual research methods
visual-spatial representation and reasoning
vocal arranging
vocational training
vulnerable children
vulnerable children and youth

waldorf education
waldorf school educator
walkable cities
walking behavior
walking school bus
water and sanitation
water science, policy and management
we (voice international) promote education for sustainability i.e. education which contributes to a 'good' future. i am currently researching children's views on this (dec 2006)and would be glad to hear from young people or from others involved in similar work.
we see, we hear, we experience: traditional folk methods of communication for environmental awareness, south africa."
we work with urban poorer communties in andhra pradesh. i was an invitee and speaker at the 16th world conference, berlin, germany, 18-22 july, 2005.
weather and climate
web design
well-being and public health
west africa
which for over 55 years has been “connecting kids to nature.” every june he teaches a course in birds and bird banding to middle school students. his interests include environmental education
wild places and children's play
wild places-design-schoolyard environments
wilderness management
wilderness mentoring
wildland fire ecology and education
with an emphasis on work with children and families
with an emphasis on youths in suburban communities
women and gender
women in education
women in science
women learning science
women's employment
women's rights
women's safety
women’s employment
work and health-related person-environment issues
work injuries.
work organization
work with children after disasters in us (9/11 and hurricane ike) and kosovo refugees in canada
working children
working children movements
workplace environments
world cities and globalization
writing for children

young children
young ncb advisory group
young people
young people's geographies
young people's use of public spaces
young people, children's geographies
young people/ social inclusion/ public open space
young road traffic victims
young women
people's participation in environmental change
youth action research
youth activism
youth activism
race and ethnicity
youth agency
youth and family studies at the university of nebraska-lincoln. the focus of her current research is investigating the influence of nature on children’s attention
youth and nature
youth and politics
youth bicycling
youth civic engagement
youth civic engagement in divided societies
youth collaboration
youth commission
youth community engagement
youth counselor and director of training programs and departments. she has been executive director for the northwest danish foundation in the pacific northwest and
youth cultural studies
youth democracy
youth development
youth development strategies
youth education
youth empowerment
youth engagement
youth engagement in learning
youth environmental education
youth exclusion
youth gambling
youth health and wellness
youth homelessness
youth intervention initiatives
youth investment
youth involvement in planning and design
youth justice
youth leadership
youth leadership development
youth mobilization
youth movements
youth organizing
youth participation
youth participation and leadership
youth participation during and after conflicts
youth participation in decision-making
youth participation in environmental design
youth participation in us municipal and regional planning processes. youth participation in cbo and cdc governance.
youth participatory action research
youth participatory action research (ypar)
youth participatory evaluation and research
youth particpation
youth peer education
youth perceptions of nature
youth political participation
youth preferences and motivation
youth programs
youth psychology
youth reproductive health and hiv prevention
youth risk and resiliency
youth roles
youth services
youth sexual health
youth studies
youth subcultures
youth transitions
youth villages
youth walking
youth work
youth work education around the world
youth, science and culture
youth-adult partnership
youth-adult partnerships
youth-friendly planning
youth-led activism
youth-led community development
youth-led peacebuilding and development projects
youth-led research
youthcare worker

zoo and museum design.

“social justice youth development”