Michael Hannigan
Associate Professor
Environmental Engineering

ECME 120


B.S., Southern Methodist University (1990)

M.S., Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (1991, 1997)


Characterization and Abatement of Air Pollution, Impact of air quality on health, Energy links to air quality 

  • Mechanical Engineering Department, Outstanding Research Award (2009-2010)
  • Mechanical Engineering Department, Outstanding Service Award (2008-2009)
  • State of Colorado, Health and Environmental Stewardship Award (2008)
  • Mechanical Engineering Department, Outstanding Undergraduate Educator Award (2006-2007, 2011-2012)
  • University of Colorado, Green Faculty Award (2007)
  • University of Colorado, President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative (2006-2007)

  1. Boyle, L, Flinchpaugh, H*, Hannigan, MP. Natural soiling of photovoltaic cover plates and the impact on transmission. Solar Energy, 2014, accepted.
  2. Piedrahita, R, Xiang, Y, Masson, N, Ortega, J, Collier, A*, Jiang, Y, Li, K, Dick, R, Lv, Q, Hannigan, M, Shang, L. The next generation of low-cost personal air quality sensors for quantitative exposure monitoring. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2014, in press.
  3. Clements, N, Eav, J*, Xie, M, Hannigan, MP, Miller, SL, Navidi, W, Peel, JL, Schauer, JJ, Shafer, M, Milford, JB. Concentrations and source insights for trace elements in fine and coarse particulate matter in northeastern Colorado. Atmospheric Environment, 2014, 89:373-381.
  4. Dutton, SJ, Williams, DE*, Garcia, JK*, Vedal, S, Hannigan, MP. PM2.5 characterization for time series studies: organic molecular marker speciation methods and daily measurements in Denver. Atmospheric Environment, 2009, 43: 2018-2030.

* indicates undergraduate student