Before you may schedule your first individual pre-health advising appointment in Continuing Education, you must first complete the following steps:

Step 1. Learn about enrollment options and logistics

To learn more about our cohort-based and individually designed enrollment options, we encourage you to attend one of the virtual information sessions presented by one of our pre-health advisors. Each session includes a Q&A period. (You may watch a video version of the presentation here.)

To sign up for an upcoming information session:

1. Log in to our online appointment system
2. Click on the Continuing Education tile
3. Select "Pre-Health Admission" as your appointment type

For scheduling assistance, please call our office at 303-492-5148.

Alternatively, if you already have decided to enroll as an Individually Designed Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health student, please schedule an individual advising session with one of our academic advisors to discuss topics such as course registration logistics, tuition, opting out of student fees, applying for financial aid, and our scholarship for non-traditional students.

To sign up for an individual advising session:

1. Log in to our online appointment system
2. Click on the Continuing Education tile
3. Select "Academic Advising" as your appointment type

For scheduling assistance, please call our office at 303-492-5148.

Step 2. Submit the nondegree enrollment application and start working through onboarding checklist

Once you have decided to enroll as an Individually Designed Post-Baccalaureate Studies student through Continuing Education, complete the enrollment application:

Link to Continuing Education Enrollment webpage

We have created this onboarding checklist to set you up for success as a new post-bacc student at CU Boulder.

Step 3. Watch our video series for new students

Prior to your first pre-health advising appointment in Continuing Education, all new advisees are required to watch all five of the videos posted below, which provide a comprehensive outline of the types of strategies and experiences that will make you a strong applicant for professional school. (Total time commitment: about 2 hours.) This policy applies to all new advisees. 

First, download and print the following handouts for use while watching the videos:

Access the videos here:

Step 4. At least 3 weeks prior to the start of classes, send us these documents to schedule a 2-hour onboarding appointment

To prepare for our first meeting with you, it is helpful for us to review your past college transcript(s) and activity history so that we can become familiar with your background.

Please send an email to to provide the following information. (To ensure that we have time to complete your two-hour onboarding appointment before the academic term begins, please complete this step at least three weeks prior to the first day of classes. Our appointment schedules typically book up 1-3 weeks in advance; we regret that we may not have any remaining openings prior to the start of the term if you contact us at the last minute.)

  • Your CU student ID number
  • The healthcare profession you are preparing for
  • Your intended start term as an individually designed post-baccalaureate student at CU Boulder
    • Note that our individual pre-health advising sessions are intended for our currently enrolled post-bacc students at CU Boulder. That said, we understand that incoming students often have questions in advance about their planned assortment of courses. You may schedule your initial pre-health advising session during the six-week period leading up to course enrollment, as follows:
      • Fall start: You may schedule your initial pre-health advising session during or after July 1.
      • Spring start: You may schedule your initial pre-health advising session during or after October 17.
      • Summer start: You may schedule your initial pre-health advising session during or after February 15.
  • Verification that you have watched (or will watch) the full series of videos for new pre-health advisees posted in Step 3, in preparation for your first pre-health advising appointment.
    • Transcripts from every U.S./Canadian college or university where you have an academic record
      • Unofficial copies of your past transcript(s) are fine, but please do your best to send us PDF versions of your transcripts (not screenshots/photos)
    • Your resume
      • Don't have a recent resume on hand? No worries! In this case, it would be helpful if you can send us a brief list of your past volunteer/work experiences since graduating from high school in the following categories (and it's helpful if you can provide rough start and end dates as well as average hours/week):
        • Clinical experience (shadowing clinicians, volunteering or working in a hospital or clinic)
        • Research experience (if applicable)
        • Non-Clinical Interpersonal Service experience (any jobs or volunteer roles in which your role was to directly interact with and help other people, such as working as a restaurant server, dorm RA, coach, teacher/teaching assistant, camp counselor, barista, wilderness trip leader, manager, sales representative, etc.)
        • Other full- or part-time work experience
    • Please give us a general sense of your availability in the next few weeks for your first individual pre-health advising appointment: 
      • Plan on a meeting duration of about 2 hours for your first individual pre-health advising session. (Thereafter, the default appointment length is 75 minutes.) In general, we schedule our advising appointments between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
      • Be aware that we may be scheduling 1-3 weeks out from the date when you send in your transcripts and resume
    Step 5. Join the Post-Bacc Slack group

    The Continuing Ed post-bacc students use Slack as an informal way to connect, collaborate, ask questions, and share info about post-bacc social events. If you're not yet on Slack, download the app and click here to join the post-bacc workgroup. (Pro Tip: Not all channels will be relevant to you. You can "mute" channels (ie. for a class you're not taking) and still receive notifications for other channels of interest.)

    Step 6. If seeking financial aid, connect with the Continuing Ed financial aid advisor and submit documentation

    Nondegree Post-Baccalaureate Studies students who meet certain eligibility standards may be able to receive federal financial aid. The specifics of your financial aid eligibility will be determined once you have submitted all required paperwork, but here are a few general parameters that apply to non-degree students:

    • Federal financial aid awards for non-degree post-baccalaureate students typically cover the cost of tuition of required pre-health prerequisite courses, but NOT the cost of other courses or your living expenses.
    • Once you start receiving federal financial aid, your eligibility runs for one calendar year, whether you are receiving aid each academic term or not.
    • You are only eligible for federal financial aid in academic terms in which you are taking 6+ credit hours of required pre-health prerequisites. (Elective and "recommended" courses do not count.)
    • To start the process of applying for federal financial aid, follow the steps for undergraduate students listed on this webpage.
      • Documents posted on that page that YOU need to submit:
        • FAFSA
        • Contract for Nondegree Aid
      • Documents your pre-health advisor will submit after you complete your first pre-health advising session:
        • Nondegree Course Certification Form

    For more information on financial aid eligibility and required paperwork, please schedule a time to talk directly with our financial aid liaison by sending an email to