Nicholas Flores
Chair • Department of Economics
College of Arts & Sciences

Nicholas Flores is an Associate Professor of Economics and departmental chair at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His research interests are decision making and the environment/public goods, environmental and public goods valuation, and research methodology in environmental economics. He teaches multiple upper-division economics courses ranging from Introduction to Statistics with Computer Application to research methods workshops. Alongside his course teachings, he has also hosted the annual CU Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop since the summer of 1999. He has collaborated with the Social and Economic Values Unit, USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station since 1986, and just recently joined the National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics, which is a National Science Foundation-sponsored Science and Technology Center. He collaborates and teaches in the Carbon, Climate and Society Initiative program through the University of Colorado, funded by the National Science Foundation as well. On top of it all, he is an avid runner and trains with the Boulder Striders on the side.