Melanie Yazzie
Department of Art and Art History
College of Arts & Sciences

In the spring of 2014, Melanie was fortunate to sit in on meetings convened with the assistance of the Center of the American West. These meetings included a range of scholars discussing the controversial photographs of Aby Warburg and their impact on Native Peoples. It is at educational moments like this when we cross the boundaries within academia and become involved with our Native American communities that make being at CU Boulder a highlight in her life. It is not an easy path but when we try to make these connections there is so much that can be learned that is not in textbooks or in traditional classroom spaces. In her own research she work towards this and building bridges to many locations around the world through art making and art sharing.

Melanie Yazzie has taught at the University of Colorado in the Department of Art and Art History at Boulder since 2006. Yazzie’s work is held in many prestigious collections, and she has had over 100 group and solo exhibitions combined. Yazzie makes prints, sculptures, paintings, and mixed media works.