Krister Andersson
Department of Political Science
College of Arts & Sciences

Krister Andersson (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2002) joined the faculty in 2005. His current research focuses on the politics of environmental governance in two different policy domains: forestry policy reforms in developing countries and international climate change mitigation strategies. Professor Andersson’s research has appeared in World DevelopmentPS: Political Science and PoliticsComparative Political StudiesPublic Administration and DevelopmentClimate PolicyJournal of Environment and Development, among other journals. He is the author of two books. The first, The Samaritans’ Dilemma (Oxford University Press, 2005), examines the institutional incentive structures of development aid and is coauthored with Clark Gibson, Elinor Ostrom, and Sujai Shivakumar. The other book features his dissertation work in Bolivia, published in Spanish by Plural Editores (2005) in Bolivia (¿Cómo Hacer Funcionar La Gestión Forestal Descentralizada?).