John Daily
Department of Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Most of Professor Daily’s academic career has been devoted to the field of combustion and environmental studies. He has worked on combustion and heat transfer aspects of propulsion and power generation devices, studying such topics as fluid mechanics of mixing, chemical kinetics, combustion stability, and air pollution. He also works on the development of advanced diagnostic instrumentation (including laser based) for studying reacting flows and environmental monitoring. Most recently he has been working in the areas of biomass thermochemical processing and source characterization, wildfire behavior, the environmental consequences of combustion, optical biopsy, and MEMS devices for aerospace, energy, and instrumentation applications. He has been using molecular dynamics and quantum mechanical modeling methods to study biomass thermal decomposition and chemical kinetics, the behavior of electrospray-based space propulsion devices, and atmospheric particulate formation. He has consulted in the areas of engine combustion, product safety, accident reconstruction, fire safety, toxic air contamination, and air quality. Professor Daily teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in the thermal-sciences, including thermodynamics, heat transfer, energy and power, combustion, direct energy conversion, experimentation and measurement, optical diagnostics, and design. He recently has taught courses in chemical kinetics and molecular modeling.