David Norris
Integrative Physiology
College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. David Norris has done research in environmental endocrinology and neuroendocrinology for more than 35 years, investigating the role of natural (e.g., photoperiod, temperature) and anthropogenic environmental factors (metals, pesticides, industrial pollutants) on thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive endocrinology in regards to development, sexual maturation, seasonal reproduction, and aging. Most of his research has involved salmonid fishes and urodele amphibians.

Dr. Norris has worked in the area of forensic botany with Dr. Jane H. Bock, Ph.D., since 1982, primarily on developing the use of plant cells in the gastrointestinal tract to aid in homicide investigations. This work began with the encouragement of Dr. Ben Galloway, who at that time was Deputy Coroner for Jefferson County, Colorado. Dr. Norris and Dr. Bock have been involved in investigations in numerous states as well as throughout the State of Colorado. Dr. Norris has been certified as an expert witness in this area for the State of Colorado. With Dr. Bock, Dr. Norris also has consulted on other botanical evidence for criminal investigations. He is also a charter member of Necrosearch International, Ltd., a nonprofit association of Colorado law enforcement personnel and scientists organized to provide expertise in the location and excavation of clandestine graves in Colorado and throughout the world and to conduct scientific research on grave sites.