Build assessment into course design and use assessment to improve to improve the course over time.  

Involve students as partners: It’s what we do with students, not to them

  • Be transparent about expectations
  • Foster students’ ability to assess their own learning
  • How do we allow space in our courses for students to actively engage in our own learning?
  • Have discussions with your students to reflect on what worked and what didn’t for improvement

Create your assessment at the same time as you create the assignment 

  • Assignment design should match desired outcomes and assessment; does it allow students to learn what you want?
  • Learn about rubrics

Think about your course in the context of the department, the institution, and a student’s educational program

  • Always examine your assumptions about your students and what should be in the course
  • Revisit your thinking about the course each time. Don’t be afraid to try something new! 

CTL Resources:

 Classroom assessment techniques (CTL guide) 

 Rubrics (CTL guide & video presentations) 

Further Reading & Resources:

 CTL Assessment overview (CTL webpage) 

 Assessing Student Learning (CTL webpage) 

 Assessing & Reflecting on Teaching (CTL webpage) 

 Program level assessment: ASSETT and TRESTLE created a guide to curricular alignment, a key step in the process of aligning a program’s curriculum with its learning goals