Jacob Spainhour
Applied Math Lead
Lead Graduate Fellow 2021-22

Hey everyone! I'm a second year PhD student in the Applied Math department, and I'm super excited to be one of our Lead TAs for the year! I've taught all sorts of things prior to graduate school, but at CU I primarily TA for undergraduate Calculus courses. I think these classes are particularly formative for incoming mathematics and engineering students, and I always try to show my students how Calculus is more than just a collection of theorems and techniques. I'm excited for the opportunity as a Lead TA to learn from the Lead TA network how to better accomplish this goal. Moreover, I myself have a lot of experience, both as a once confused calculus student and as a once confused first-year graduate student, that I hope to share with my department and the network itself. Outside of the classroom at CU, I'm preparing myself for a research career in numerical methods and scientific computing. I expect professorship to be a principal component of my future academic career, and I believe acting as a Lead TA will better prepare me for the experience. Outside of CU altogether, I enjoy reading and playing video games with friends, and the occasional hike when the weather is right.