About the Center

The Center for Sustainable Landscapes and Communities was formed in 2018 as a collaboration between CU-Boulder faculty, students from several departments and programs, and a committed group of Boulder citizens and agency staff. The Center provides foundational knowledge and a forum for productive discourse toward the planning and management of public lands in and around urban areas as integral components of sustainable and resilient communities in Colorado and throughout the West. The Center’s four basic goals are:

  • To investigate and analyze, using a systems approach, the relationship of public lands within an urban and urbanizing landscape to community health and well-being;
  • To engage diverse stakeholders in the community in active discourse toward achieving understanding of the human-natural lands relationship;
  • To foster stewardship of public lands and their values and functions;
  • To improve decision-making to achieve desirable and sustainable outcomes.

The Center, based in CU Boulder’s Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Community (SEEC), is initially focused on public lands in the Boulder region, including Boulder city and county open space systems and adjacent federal lands, and their surrounding communities as local laboratories that exemplify the larger challenge of sustaining public lands in urban contexts.