The Undergraduate Minor in Global Engineering is taking the place of the existing certificates in Global Engineering and International Engineering as of fall 2016.  Students who enrolled in the College of Engineering and Applied Science prior to fall semester 2016 have the option of completing either the Certificate or the Minor in Global Engineering, and/or the International Engineering Certificate. Students who enroll in the college after fall 2016 will no longer be able to begin the certificate programs. The Minor in Global Engineering will be the sole option moving forward.

    Can I still earn an undergraduate certificate in EDC?

    The undergraduate certificate has been replaced the the Global Engineering Minor.  

    What's the purpose of the minor?

    The purpose of the new Undergraduate Minor in Global Engineering is to expand students' understanding of how to operate in an international context from an engineering perspective. This translates to the capacity to work in either an international team from within an office located domestically or internationally. These work environments necessitate that students understand multinational contexts as well as local office and nongovernmental agency contexts.

    What are the admissions requirements?

    To enroll in the Undergraduate Minor in Global Engineering Certificate, students must:

    • be admitted to the College of Engineering and Applied Science; and 
    • be a student in good standing with a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA
    What is the curriculum for the minor?

    The Minor in Global Engineering requires completion of the following courses:

    1. A Global State of Mind (HUEN 2843, 3 credits)
    This lower division course is being designed so that it will count toward H&SS requirements for degree.  It is intended that students will take this course within the first two semesters of enrolling in the new minor (because it may or may not be offered every fall and spring semester).

    2. Foreign Language or U.S. Context Course at the fourth semester level (XXXX 2020 or 2120, typically 3-5 credits), or higher, depending on the student’s prior language preparation.

    3. Two Global Perspective Courses (6 credits including at least 3 upper division) selected from an approved list. Students should take at least one course focused on the region that matches their studied language.

    4. One Regional/Local Perspective Course (3 credits) selected from the following list, with a focus on the region that correlates to the student’s selected language. For example, if the student’s language area is Spanish, then student should choose a course that focuses on a Spanish-speaking region. An additional, upper-division language course in the student’s language of study can be used to fulfill this requirement.

    5. One upper division technical elective focused on topics relevant to global engineering (3 credits)

    6. Global Experience (e.g., A CU-approved study, research, or internship abroad, or equivalent experience by petition).

    We strongly encourage students who choose their global experience in coherence with their language/regional course selection.

    For more information, please contact Andrew Wingfield at or Laura MacDonald at 

    How do I add the Global Engineering Minor?

    Use the Chage of Major & More Form located online to request permission to add the minor. Follow the directions on the form.

    Change of Major & More Form