Project Lead: Angela Bielefeldt

Assessing Engineering Students’ Understanding of Social Responsibility from Undergraduate and Graduate Education into Professional Life

In this NSF-funded study, quantitative and qualitative methods are used to understand how engineering and social responsibility are connected and valued by students at various stages of their college career, employees in the engineering workforce, and employers at engineering firms.

Research by:  Professor Angela Bielefeldt and student Greg Rulifson, PE (PhD in 2015)
Funded by: National Science Foundation grant #1158863

Collaborative Research: Gender Diversity, Identity and EWB-USA

Diversity in engineering is vital to the sustainability and advancement of the profession.  EWB-USA successfully attracts a roughly gender-balanced membership, despite the gender-unbalanced profession.  This research sought to understand why these trends exist by understanding and comparing EWB-USA members to engineers not involved in the organization, including the personality traits, motivations, gains, and expected career outcomes.

Research by:  Assistant Professor Amy Javernick-Will; Cathy Leslie, PE;  and student Kaitlin Litchfield (PhD in 2014)
Funded by: National Science Foundation grant #1129178

Sunitation Team Presentation at WVN RAP     GEEN1410 Sustainable City