Fall 2020, 3 credits, Lecture: Recorded*, Recitation Sections: In person**, CVEN 2837-011, 012, 013, 015

Instructor: Evan Thomas

Recitation Sections led by Evan Thomas, Carlo Salvinelli, Gunars Platais and Laura MacDonald

*Recorded lecture will be made available on Canvas by Tuesday of each week.

**Hybrid format to allow for online participation.

Course Description

Over a billion people in the world lack access to safe drinking water, two billion to safe sanitation, and three billion to reliable and safe sources of energy. While numerous technological, medical, and educational solutions have been implemented for the benefit of disadvantaged communities, ongoing challenges remain. This course will introduce students to the historical and geopolitical context of global health, poverty, technological interventions, and the role of "global engineers". 

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will identify the geopolitical and historical contexts of health and socioeconomic disparities within and between countries.
  2. Students will describe global poverty reduction efforts, including historical and present-day programs, frameworks, funding agencies, and implementations.
  3. Students will describe and critique technical interventions promoted to address water, sanitation, hygiene, energy, infrastructure, shelter, agricultural, and evaluation needs.
  4. Students will design and assess programmatic Theory of Change and evaluation frameworks for global development interventions.
  5. Students will criticize the role of professionals, including engineers, in poverty action, including identifying and reducing colonial, imperial and otherwise unjust practices in our professional fields.