as a Student Assistant (Data Management Team)

The University of Colorado’s Center for Health and Neuroscience, Genes, and Environment (CUChange) has a Part-Time (40%) Student Assistant Data Management position.

We are a motivated team that conducts transdisciplinary research exploring factors linked with health and risk behavior in regard to recreational and medicinal Cannabis use, anxiety, and pain management.  We believe that a better understanding of the full range of influences on health and risk behavior will allow better tailoring of behavioral interventions to increase health behavior, decrease risk behavior, and ultimately decrease morbidity and mortality and increase quality of life.


$15 per hour

Role description: 

Towards our mission of conducting transdisciplinary work, the lab is seeking a motivated undergraduate student who is interested in gaining research experience at the intersection of computer science, neuroscience, and psychological health through building and maintaining data pipelines and web interfaces.

The following skills are required:

  • Intermediate to advanced Python
  • Intermediate to advanced web development skills
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and CSV formats/encodings
  • Strong communication skills
  • Minimum of 14 hours of availability per week
  • An interest in health technology and transdisciplinary collaboration

The following skills are preferred:

  • Entry to intermediate SQL
  • Experience deploying on platforms like Heroku, AWS, and GCP
  • Experience with REST API
  • Familiarity with R and R-Studio
  • Experience with Slack, Zoom, or Trello

This position is a great opportunity for a student with or without research experience to be exposed to cutting-edge research on health behaviors—notably cannabis use—within a dynamic and productive lab. The skills required for this position are highly valuable towards careers in health technology in the private and public sectors. You can learn more about our projects by visiting our website

Applicants should submit their resume, ideally including accessible examples of past work to