Dr. David Rood teaches courses on Siouan languages, Caddoan languages, on field methods, and on morphology

Dr. Andrew Cowell teaches general introductory courses on Native American languages, on Language and Culture, and on anthropological linguistics, as well as courses specifically on Arapaho.

Dr. Rood and Dr. Cowell both work actively with MA and PhD students as well, on an independent basis. Current students are working on Lakhota, Wichita, and Arapaho. The Center is also currently collaborating with CU's Minority Engineering Program to develop joint projects for Native American students in science, engineering, and computer science with a language/culture component.

CSILW also offers curricular materials for teachers elsewhere. CU's Lakhota Project materials are widely used for teaching. See the Arapaho Web Project (Language) and Language Archives for additional on-line teaching material. We also offer other products for sale on Arapaho and Gros Ventre.