CSILW research is funded by both grants and private donations. While large projects are typically grant funded, smaller private donations can provide major impacts as well.

Supports payments to indigenous consultants for five hours of language work, such as transcribing native-language texts or providing translations of those texts. This kind of work has helped produce several dozen Arapaho-language texts (now available on this website -- see Outreach). This level of funding could also be used in our pilot outreach project with local immigrant communities in the Denver area, where we seek to better document indigenous Meso-American languages.

Supports two week's worth of hourly payments to a student, to perform data entry of older manuscript or published texts, in order to enhance our digital databases of Gros Ventre, Arapaho, Miwok, or other languges, which can be shared with the indigenous communities.
Much of the work on these databases has already been funded in this way.

Supports one trip by an advanced undergraduate or graduate student to a field site for a week of language documentation work, including food and lodging, travel costs, and payments to consultants. In 2009-2010, two undergraduate students produced senior honors theses designed to help implement better teaching and preservation techniques for Arapaho using this level of funding.

Would support a 25% research assistant position for a graduate student for one semester, to help improve audio-visual and on-line language teaching materials for a reservation community. See the Language section under the Arapaho Web Project on this site for an example of the kinds of materials we hope to develop and improve on.

To donate, go to the donations page on the Department of Linguistics Website, and choose "Indigenous Languages". All of your donations go directly to a special fund within the CU Foundation which is used only for research and outreach in this area.