Arapaho Text Anthology: Arapaho Historical Traditions

Project Goals: To produce a significant collection of Arapaho texts, with linguistic analysis and English translation. Very little Arapaho textual material has ever been published.
Details: The anthology is now complete, and appeared from University of Manitoba Press, Publications of the Algonquian Text Society. Title: Hinóno'éínoo3ítoono/ Arapaho Historical Traditions. Told by Paul Moss. Edited, translated and with a glossary by Andrew Cowell & Alonzo Moss, Sr. Past funding from the Wyoming Council for the Humanities contributed to this project, as well as the University of Colorado Graduate Council for the Arts and Humanities
Contact: Andrew Cowell

Arapaho Grammar

Project Goals: To produce the first general grammar of the Arapaho language. The grammar will be in a sequential, pedagogical form, accessible to non-linguists, and will include sample exercizes with answers and socio-cultural commentary. A complete, detailed technical index will be included for the use of linguists.
Details: Published by University of Colorado Press, 2008. Past funding from the American Philosophical Society contributed to this project, as well as assistance from Wind River Tribal College, Wyoming.
Contact: Andrew Cowell

Arapaho Language Archives

Project Goals: To make existing Arapaho language material available to a wide audience in a usable format on the web and in published form.. 
Details: The project focuses on three types of materials: 1) manuscript materials; 2) previously published material available in a limited fashion, or lacking in adequate linguistic presentation; 3) Arapaho-produced materials unavailable off the reservation (primarily curricular materials). The project is ongoing. Some material is currently available in electronic format, including on this website. Other material has been produced in booklet form and distributed on the Wind River Reservation, including:

- three autobiographies collected in Arapaho in 1929
- six Arapaho mythological narratives collected 1910-1929
- six trickster narratives collected 1910-1929
- the mythological narrative of Tangled Hair/Found in the Grass
- retranscriptions of James Mooney's collection of Arapaho Ghost Dance songs
- retranscriptions of catholic and episcopal religious material translated into Arapaho in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
- retranscriptions of Arapaho song texts collected by Nathalie Curtis, Edward Curtis, and others
- retranscriptions of four Arapaho prayers and speeches recorded by Alfred Kroeber

We hope to eventually publish a collection entitled "Arapaho Mythological and Religious Traditions, 1850-1950." This project is currently funded by the Endangered Language Fund and University of Colorado's Council on Research and Creative Work.

Contact: Andrew Cowell

Arapaho Web Project 

Project Goals: To document Arapaho language, history and culture on the web, in multi-media format.
Details: The website is now complete. It was supported by Colorado Endowment for the Humanities, Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as by individual private donors. The website was produced in cooperation with CU's Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) certificate program, and also received funding from CU's IMPART Diversity committee.
Contact: Andrew Cowell

Arapaho Stories of Richard Moss

Project Goals: To produce a bilingual anthology of reservation-era Arapaho stories, to complement existing texts collected by Zdenek Salzmann and others (mythological) and Andrew Cowell and Alonzo Moss, Sr. (historical, pre-reservation).
Details: The project is now complete. The project was being funded by Wyoming Council for the Humanities. The full volume (270pp + 3 CD's with 28 stories) is available through CSILW. We are now gathering additional stories, for a larger volume of reservation-era Arapaho narratives. Current funding for this stage of the project is through the Kayden Fund, University of Colorado.
Contact: Andrew Cowell

Arapaho Multi-media CD-ROM Educational Package

Project Goal: To produce multi-media CD-ROMS on Arapaho language and culture which complement and enhance the existing Arapaho website. The CD-ROMs are available for use on the Wind River Reservation and by staff at Rocky Mountain National Park.
Details: This project is now complete. The set of two CD-ROMs is available for sale on this website. The project was funded by the National Park Service, with past support from Colorado Endowment for the Humanities and the University of Colorado, as well as private donors.
Contact: Andrew Cowell

Gros Ventre Grammar

Project Goals: To produce a complete grammar of the Gros Ventre (Atsina) language.
Details: Allan Taylor is currently working on this project, alongwith Andrew Cowell. The research was supported in the past by the National Endowment for the Humanities and is currently supported by the Gros Ventre Tribe of Montana. A sketch of the grammar has been produced by Andrew Cowell using Taylor's materials (see list of publications available below).
Contact: Allan Taylor

Gros Ventre Dictionary

Project Goals: To produce a general dictionary of the Gros Ventre (Atsina) language.
Details: Allan Taylor has produced a draft dictionary. He is working to complete the project. The research was supported in the past by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Currently, a larger database of all Gros Ventre lexical items is being compiled by Andrew Cowell, based on the dictionary work as well as earlier documentation.
Contact: Allan Taylor

Gros Ventre Student Dictionary and Reference Grammar (ONGOING)

Project Goals: Produce simple, easy to use materials for students, which can be reproduced cheaply on the Fort Belknap Reservation.
Details: This project was carried out in summer, 2012, in collaboration with Terry Brockie and John Stiffarm of the Gros Ventre tribe of Montana. The materials will be refined and improved as they are used. The dictionary is roughly 60 pages, the first volume of the reference grammar around 75 pages. A second volume of the reference grammar is planned.
Contact: Andrew Cowell

Arapaho Conversational Database (ONGOING)

Goal: Produce an annotated database of 100,00 lines of natural discourse in Arapaho, time-aligned in ELAN and interlinearized using TOOLBOX.
Details: This project was funded 2008-11 by the Endangered Language Documentation Programme, producing around 40 hours of video of Arapaho-language interaction. Work continues to fully time-align and interlinearize all available material. A deposit of the majority of the material was made in Fall, 2011 at the ELAR archives, University of London, and the Algonquian Language Archives, Yale University. Additional labeling of the data for computational studies will be occurring in 2013. One student is currently working on a PhD using this data, and additional studies are planned.
Contact: Andrew Cowell

Arapaho Language Project (ONGOING)

Goals: This is an effort to develop an on-line Arapaho grammar and language course.
Details: This project was funded by an ASSETT Grant from U. of Colorado. The site is currently on-line and undergoing further development during summer, 2013. We hope to make the site much more interactive, and eventually make it available as a fully on-line, for-credit course, to be used by Univ. of Wyoming, Central Wyoming College, high schools in Wyoming, and institutitions in Oklahoma.
Contact: Andrew Cowell

Arapaho Mythological Traditions (ONGOING)

This is a book, recently accepted for publication at University of Oklahoma Press, containing all Arapaho mythological and song material collected from 1880-1930, done in collaboration with Alonzo Moss, Sr. and William C'Hair of the Northern Arapaho Tribe. Revision is ongoing, with expected publication in 2014.


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