CSILW is involved in a number of outreach projects with Native American communities. These include:

  • Curriculum development for Arapaho, Lakhota, and Wichita language-teaching programs (see CU's Lakhota Project)
  • Summer teaching at Wind River Tribal College, Wyoming
  • On-line language learning materials on CSILW's website (see Arapaho materials)
  • Collaboration with Native language scholars and teachers, and advising on language teaching methods and language planning
  • Exploratory outreach to indigenous communities in the greater Denver area to explore the possibility of work with Meso-American languages.

CSILW also offers a number of products for sale, on the Lakhota, Arapaho, and Gros Ventre languages. All proceeds go to support Native Language documentation and preservation. If you are a representative of one of the tribes speaking these languages, please contact CSILW for possible special arrangements in receiving this material. Contact James.Cowell@colorado.edu