The following words occur in either Alfred Kroeber’s The Arapaho (page number is given below); in Dorsey and Kroeber’s Traditions of the Arapaho (T + page number) or in Hilger’s Arapaho Child Life (H + page number). The words have been retranscribed into standard modern Arapaho. Following the transcription, the meaning as it appears in the source is given, followed by the page number(s) where the word appears. Finally, notes are added in the last column, where original meanings need clarification, where plants can be identified, and so forth. Transcriptions in italics represent best guesses of the correct Arapaho: the forms cannot be completely recovered as of now.

beecet hand   T338  
beenoku3i’ pleiades (sit together) T161  
beesceneyoono armlets 171, T155   
beesoh’oho’ elder brothers 159  
beesoowu’ belled tepee T161 = ‘wood lodge’