This portion of the website contains a series of narratives and dialogues in Arapaho, as well as sample word lists. All the material was produced by native speakers. The purpose of this page is to make this material available to Arapaho people everywhere, to others interested in the Arapaho language, and to linguists. All material is copyrighted by Wyoming Indian Schools, Title 5 and Title 7 Educational Programs. Dr. Andrew Cowell has added pitch accents to the Arapaho by re-eliciting the texts from native speakers and/or by listening to the audiotapes that accompany some of the written material. He has also provided linguistic analysis of the material.

Arapaho Dialogues (2-20 lines) (HTML and XML format)

Arapaho Narratives (4-69 sentences) (HTML format)

Arapaho Word Lists (XML format)

Arapaho Words Appearing in Early Studies

Modern retranscriptions of words in Kroeber's The Arapaho, Hilder's Arapaho Child LifeI, and Kroeber's  Traditions of the Arapaho.