Published: Sept. 27, 2019
  • Year: 2019
  • Industry Partners: East Bay Municipal Utility Department (EBMUD)
  • CIEST Personnel: Cory Ihnotic, David Kyle Anderson, Jessica Ramos, Davis Balcells, Brice Lucero, John Hindman, and co.
  • Primary Investigator: Prof. Brad Wham
  • Summary: The first in a series of testing programs at CU Boulder CIEST investigating performance of critical lifeline systems under extreme loading conditions. This study focuses on the response of various thermoplastic pipe materials and a coupling connection under externally applied axial and lateral loading.  Internally pressurized, 6-in. (150-mm) diameter specimens were tested to failure under various loading scenarios including axial tension, compression, and cyclic loading as well as transverse 4-pt bending.  This project initiated the development of self-reacting test frame capable of applying dynamic tension and/or compressive loading in excess of 100,000 lbs to linear structures up to 12 ft long. CIEST’s 1,000,000 lb four-post load frame was employed to apply lateral loading.  

Appreciation is extended to collaborators David Katzev and Timothy Harris of EBMUD for their intellectual and practical contributions to the project. 

load_frame_pic  solidworks_axial loadframe  

test_frame_posttest pipe Group Shot 

bending_pre four-point bending pipe test