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Check out this article of a teacher's experience when he attended a past Brussel's Summer Tour:

Brussel's Summer Tour: Teacher, Jake Harvey

Jacob Harvey"Travel is so important for me as a person, particularly as a teacher of the humanities, and in one course specifically about international politics. Aside from the obvious connections to my interest in the politics of the European Union, Brussels was not a city that I would have put in my top ten destinations prior to the Brussels study tour. Throughout this trip, however, I came to really appreciate Brussels – it is a uniquely international city, where languages on signs and in the metro were as varied as the people speaking them. I was eager to learn more about Europe and the city, and we spent a lot of our free time exploring what Brussels and Belgium had to offer. The chocolate is really as good as you'd imagine.

"The tour itself provided me with so much critical information and many resources that I can take back to my students regarding European politics and governance. Additionally, the presenters had dynamic presentations and allowed participants to ask tough questions. We had presenters who came from Belgium, Britain, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Romania, and Ireland. One of the most meaningful experiences was a roundtable with other teachers at the European school, where we shared our ideas, successes, and frustrations – and, again, got to ask tough questions and occasionally broke down stereotypes about our countries and systems. Finally, it was fascinating to observe the week of Brexit from Brussels and to hear the European reactions to it. I truly gained so much from this trip and cannot thank the CEUCE enough for this life-changing opportunity."

Watch a video of Jake's travels!