CEUCE supports a broad spectrum of EU related events and outreach activities across the University of Colorado Boulder campus, the Denver Metro, Boulder and Mountain West region. We host EU centric conferences, workshops, roundtables, speakers and cultural events to build awareness and understanding around the EU. CEUCE collaborates with several regional organizations and universities designated as Mountain West Partners. We welcome and look forward to your attendance of our events.  

Upcoming Events

EU Chats - It's the immigration, stupid! How and why immigration dominates the political debate in Europe and even threatens to tear the EU apart

Tuesday October 30th, 12:30-2:00 pm - CASE W313

The next EU Chat will be by Folkert Wilman, an official working for the European Commission who is spending this academic year at CU Boulder.  Please see the following link to register since it’s limited to 20 attendees and pizza will be served.

Transatlantic Speaker Series - Results of the European project PRIME (Preventing, Indicting, and Mitigating Extremism)

Thursday November 8th, 12:30-2:00 pm - CASE W313 

The speaker will be Dr. Kacper Gradon who is the Director of the Centre for Forensic and Investigative Sciences at the University of Warsaw.  Please follow this link to register since it is limited to 20 attendees and pizza will be served.