CEUCE supports a broad spectrum of EU related events and outreach activities across the University of Colorado Boulder campus, the Denver Metro, Boulder and Mountain West region. We host EU centric conferences, workshops, roundtables, speakers and cultural events to build awareness and understanding around the EU. CEUCE collaborates with several regional organizations and universities designated as Mountain West Partners. We welcome and look forward to your attendance of our events.  

Upcoming Events

Santa Fe World Affairs Forum Annual Symposium

Our partners at the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum will be hosting their annual Symposium, April 11-12, 2019 at the Santa Fe Community College and CEUCE would like to encourage participation. CEUCE is co-hosting the event and bringing Folkert Wilman, current EU Fellow at the University of Colorado, lawyer and member of the Legal Section in Brussels, to speak at the Symposium on April 11th. Scholarship grants are available. Please submit a request for support to ceuce@colorado.edu or contact us at 720-252-2902 with any questions.

America has long advocated for democratic principles starting with its Founding Fathers who proclaimed our nation to be created by and for the people and joined with the liberal world to fight for our beliefs in two world wars.  Following those wars, the United States was in the forefront of international efforts to create global institutions dedicated to peace, prosperity and justice. Now, as a new era of international strongmen emerges, are America’s traditions and institutions capable of ensuring that democratic principles continue to push back on the tyranny that has threatened every generation?  Focusing on Europe, Latin America and the US, the symposium examines this moment with open eyes, asking tough questions about the global authoritarian threat, its underlying causes, and how it can be, and is being, countered.

Symposium program details, including schedule of events will be posted on the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum website. Register for the symposium here.

Democratic Paralysis in Eastern Europe

Tuesday April 16th, 12:30-1:30 pm - CASE W313

Svet Derderyan, University of CO Political Science Instructor, will explore the role of civil society organizations (CSOs) in inducing reforms in the democratic development in Eastern European countries in the years after the end of communism. Please register here since it's limited to 20 attendees and pizza will be served.