Published: Sept. 15, 2021

What an amazing journey. Eleven years go by in the blink of an eye. 
With this newsletter comes a bittersweet announcement of change. This iteration of the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence as we have known and cherished it over the years has closed its doors as of this month. 
We wish to extend heartfelt thanks to the many people and organizations with whom we have had the honor of working with over the years. To all of you, thank you. Special thanks to the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum for unwavering support and numerous event collaboration opportunities. To our sister Centers of Excellence across the United States with whom we have partnered on an untold number of events and activities, thank you. To our friends at the World Trade Center, World Denver, Consular Corps of Colorado and the German American Chamber of Commerce-Colorado Chapter, thank you. To our research institution colleagues at the University of Colorado, University of New Mexico, Scripps College, Adams State University, University of Wyoming, University of Denver, University of Oslo, University of Copenhagen, Boston University, and University of Berlin, thank you for teaming with us to bring EU frames of reference to several fields of study. To EU Fellows Folkert Wilman and István Székely thank you for helping us to promote greater knowledge and understanding of the EU across the Rocky Mountain West of the United States. To our friends and supporters at the Delegation of the European Union to the United States, thank you.
Thank you to the many people at the University of Colorado who made what we do possible: Amy Hoak in the Office of Contracts and Grants, Sylvie Burnet-Jones, Sarah Westmoreland, Carrissa Calesse-Martinez, and Stephanie Pund in Education Abroad, Nelson Guerra and Margarita Lavrouk in the Procurement Service Center. Immeasurable thanks to the leadership of the University of Colorado, Provost Russ Moore, Dean Scott Adler, and Maizy Faithful for their exceptional support on so many levels. 
Thank you to Joseph Jupille, PhD, founder of the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence for opening the door to this fulfilling experience. 
We hope that you have benefitted from our programming; that it has inspired greater knowledge and understanding of the European Union with its international role, policies, and culture. Most importantly, we hope you have come to see the value and significance of the EU-US transatlantic partnership.
We hope our paths cross again in the future.
Warm regards,
Felicia Naranjo Martinez and Shireen Miller