photo of glacier landscape

A cinematic archive captured for a world where ice is a distant memory. An operatic converation between generations in the time of climate change.

Imagining a world where ice is a distant memory, the powerful multimedia opera and hybrid music-film MELT: The Memory of Ice archives the meanings and memories of ice for future generations through persuasive sonic and visual counterpoint. With spectacular aerial footage of glaciers giving birth to icebergs, visual portraits of Arctic residents, visitors and scientists, ambient music made from glimmers of Arctic sounds, and memories of ice sung by children’s choirs and the New York-based vocal ensemble M6: Meredith Monk Music Third Generation, this extraordinary experimental music-film will act as a powerful and emotional reminder to preserve our glaciers in a time of climate change.

A feature-length music film directed by Betsey Biggs. Coming Spring 2021.

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