Lakeisha headshot standing in front of a black background
Associate Director

La'Keisha Anderson is an alumna of Clayton State University (CSU) in Morrow, GA. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and Human Services; she also has a M.A., in Liberal Studies (CSU), mainly focusing on coursework in Political Science, Philosophy, and English. La’Keisha has experience in education, serving as a special education teacher in high school grades 9-12. While serving as an educator, La’Keisha was an assistant girls' basketball coach to varsity and head JV girls coach. In some of her other roles, she fulfilled the duties as Program Manager for a nonprofit, where she assisted individuals with disabilities in finding careers and advocated for them daily. La’Keisha began her journey with the University of Colorado Boulder as a program manager at the Center for African & African American Studies. Currently, La’Keisha serves as Associate Director at the Center for African & African American Studies and Staff Advisor for the Lucile B. Buchanan (LBB). At CU Boulder, she continues to raise awareness of social inequality, social justice, and racial discrimination in the Black community. In her role, she creates programs and provides mentoring for Black students with the hopes of building community and fostering healthy relationships. She intends to provide a safe space on campus for the black community. She is devoted to fighting for equality, diversifying campus spaces, and making sure spaces are inclusive to all. La’Keisha aims to educate those around her and remain a consistent voice for minoritized groups.