Emily Frazier-Rath Headshot
Lecturer of German

Emily Frazier-Rath received her PhD in German Studies from CU Boulder in 2019, and currently works as a Visiting Assistant Professor of German Studies at Davidson College, located just north of Charlotte, NC, in addition to teaching with ALTEC. Emily has been teaching German language and about German-speaking cultures since 2014, and taught ESL in Germany prior to that. Overall, she is deeply invested in interdisciplinary scholarship, pedagogies, and activisms that are informed by theories of social justice, and that help us work toward and imagine more inclusive and collaborative futures. Her aim in all of the classes she teaches is to work with students to co-create an inclusive space where everyone involved can build the critical and analytical skills necessary to generate positive change in our communities outside of the classroom. Check out more at Emily's website.

Emily is honored to be the recipient of the 2022 ASCEND award for her work to promote diversity and inclusion.

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