Published: Oct. 19, 2020

  1. Call to Order   

  2. Roll Call

Present: Anuja, Thy, Victoria, Tania, Jhossep, Christina Chambers, Jemil, Christina Fang, Ben


Excused: Maya, Chidera, Kenny




  1. Open Hearing


  1. Approval of the Minutes


  1. Approval of the Agenda


  1. New Business

    1. September 16th, @6PM - PC, OT, AG

      1. Interviewer candidates, please indicate your interest by placing your name below.

        1. Kenny 

        2. Hayden- congratulations!

      2. PC/OT/AG Moderated Q

    2. Our next funding meeting will be September 14th.

    3. Elijah McClain Event

      1. Updates: CU Alum asking for specific details for billing, we are asking for a direct invoice to consider 

        1. They would get paid through the CSI office, they will have to become a vendor which the CSI will help with

        2. They can expect a check

      2. Ciera payment 

        1. Considerations of people/CU Boulder posting pictures 

        2. Ideas

          1. Ask we place CEB logo on chalk art

          2. Elijah’s face + message


  1. Old Business

    1. First Funding Cycle

      1. TedxCU “Pale Blue Dot” September 13th, 3pm @ CMCI’s Walnut Street Studio (Armory)- Jemil

        1. Update: Add “@CEB” in the description

        2. Poster design approved

        3. Each individual will have their own mic 

  2. Officer Reports

    1. Advisor(s)

      1. Working on event stuff

        1. Met with SR last week about announcing (on Wednesday)

          1. Statement from CEB--Chidera and Anuja

          2. Social Media 

            1. Reminder: CEB is a university-facing entity

            2. Cannot delete or block hate on social media

        2. Meeting with SR about Zoom details Thursday

          1. 3000 license 

        3. Working with DSB on Qualtrics registration form


      1. I have 1 on 1s with the Exec team this week. (If you did not get an invite, let me know.)


      1. Upcoming Events

        1. DSCC Dialogues: “American Son” viewing and discussion (9/1 5pm)

        2. CSI Book Club :

          1. Queer Brown Voices


    1. Leg Council

      1. No updates currently

      2. Mainly discussing new legislation 

    2. CUSG Liaison 

      1. Still in transition

    3. Webmaster

      1. No updates

    4. Social Media Coordinator 

      1. Making the BLM campaign materials and will email them out tonight for approval

      2. I have a meeting with strategic relations on Wednesday to plan how we respond and handle those comments and all that fun stuff :)

    5. Student Outreach Coordinator

      1. Waiting for updates on CEB promotional materials for recruitment

    6. Speakers Coordinator

      1. No updates. Get hyped for our first official event of the year!!!

    7. Assistant Speakers Coordinator

      1. No updates

    8. Marketing Coordinator

      1. No updates

    9. Secretary/Historian

      1. We got people interested at the Be Involved Fair! 

      2. Look out for your upcoming email tonight!

    10. Chair

      1. Thank you for “tabling” at the Be Involved Fair!

      2. Please add the names/email addresses of people who are interested in the Google Sheet.

  1. Adjourn - 7:43 PM