Published: Oct. 12, 2020

  1. Call to Order                     


  1. Roll Call

Present: Anuja, Bennet, Chidera, Christina C., Christina F., Hayden, Jemil, Jhossep, Kennedy, Maya, Thy, Victoria



Late: Tania

Absent: Isaiah


  1. Open Hearing


  1. Approval of the Minutes


  1. Approval of the Agenda


  1. New Business

    1. Welcome to our first funding meeting of the year! Please note the time limits on each item.

    2. Also note that if you would like to speak, please use the ‘raise hand’ feature over Zoom.

    3. Introductions (5 min)

      1. Name

      2. Position

    4. Finalized Bylaws (5 min brief, 10 min discussion)

      1. No longer Board members, but Board Associates (non-budgetary members and budgetary members)

      2. Budgetary members now must be ratified

    5. Updated Attendance Policy (5 min brief, 5 min discussion)

      1. Magic number is 3 (late three times counts as an unexcused absence)

    6. Leg Council Identikeys (5 min brief, 5 min discussion)

      1. Canvas is a way to be connected with CUSG and Leg Council, as well as a platform for other resources

        1. We can add new member orientation, application, trainings, robert’s rules training

        2. Purpose is organization and accessibility

    7. 6:30 PM - TedxCU “Pale Blue Dot” September 13th, 3pm @ CMCI’s Walnut Street Studio (Armory) (10 min presentation, 10 min discussion)

      1. Notes

        1. Similar event in January, same speakers minus one

        2. Redemption for the canceled event

        3. Live streaming event only

          1. Only people at the location will be the speakers and camera crew

        4. Event is taking place on Walnut Street, CMCI - is free due to partnership

      2. Questions 

        1. How is this event supporting the platforms of underrepresented/misrepresented students?

          1. One speaker is talking of slums and underrepresented communities in his hometown, a Mexican city, paticurarily lack of access to food and its intersection with education

          2. One speaker is talking about young women around the world leading their communities in advocating for climate change

          3. One speaker, Nora, talks about reclaiming her power as a person of color. Although she does target people of color, this does apply to all people since Nora utilizes her experience as poc, which all people may find a source for their power

        2. One of your speakers is an undergraduate student. Does the speaker have any professional speaking experience? Why should CEB fund a non-expert speaker?

          1. Tedx purposefully aims to open its platforms to all people and disregards level of education and age

          2. Brent Cary accumulated over a million views although he is an undergraduate which shows success rates despite being an undergraduate

        3. Your anticipated attendance is quite low (25 people), especially compared to the amount of funds you have requested ($5802). How will you reach out to students, and is there any way to increase attendance?

          1. This is the attendance in person. Typically in person the venue can receive 700 people, last event was expected to be 1200

          2. For live streaming the estimation is hypothesized to be 1000-2000 people. 

        4. How are you ensuring social distancing for those who will have to be physically present for the live stream?

          1. Each individual is required to wear a mask except the speakers, audio placement is spread throughout the room (10 feet apart)

          2. Specific microphone for each speakers so no speaker has to share

        5. You uploaded a file called “marketing budget 2020.” Can you explain what this is?

          1. This is the previously approved budget that can be used for reference

        6. CEB does not fund photographers.

        7. What contingencies do you have in place for the possibility that campus does not allow in-person events? At this time, there is no official announcement on the number of people allowed at an event. There is a possibility it will way less than 25.

          1. Tedx can fluctuate the number of people in the studio, and can decrease it down to six people

        8. How are people streaming?

          1. One College Production has a streaming service, but they can also look at others platforms. All programs used to stream are free

        9. How do you plan to outreach to the community?

          1. They have an outreach team as well as a marketing team that will utilize CU hashtags

        10. Is Tedx allowed to accept donations?

          1. CU will have to look at contracts to partnered organizations and then approve it. It is possible

          2. If it is similar to donation contracts in Spring then those should be okay

          3. There are odd and difficult rules to receiving donations at the event, which is best to learn of it before

        11. Is Tedx selling tickets?

          1. No, the event is completely free. 

      3. Discussion (5 min)

        1. Proposals of a maximum of 10 people in a room, this would include camera crew, speakers, etc. 

        2. Tedx shows an extreme flexibility and willingness to compromise

        3. There will be a budget cut, so although the event may be approved it is tentative 

        4. Jemil will be TedxCU’s liaison (Nick)

        5. Budget Proposal under First Cycle

          1. Does not look like old requests, they created a new form for this cycle

        6. Assumption of zoom, but it is a positive that camera work is being used for good quality 

        7. Tedx provides different values and stories, it is a professional production, and it publicizes CU Boulder

          1. It is important to garner attention and to provide for a larger audience beyond CU due to platforms like CU

          2. A great opportunity to bring CU Boulder community together 

          3. Would also be a good opportunity for groups to see an outline of how they can conduct events in the future

        8. Estimates are based with the Communications School, One College Production is part of this school

          1. Skills are professional

        9. Regarding the cameras and live production

          1. Five camera angles could be considered as “overkill”

          2. Possibly three cameras 

        10. Livestreaming the actual speakers, and can edit video later to post at later date

          1. Let’s ask about the livestreaming, can ask about connection problems

        11. Ask about camera positions

          1. If speakers are sitting, three makes sense, but if speakers are moving and like to use the stage five cameras would make sense

        12. Final Questions to Submit:

          1. What is the necessity of five cameras? Is it possible to reduce?

          2. Is the event being live streamed?  

      4. Mission Statement Alignment

        1. Motion to approve the mission statement alignment for TedxCU’s event “Pale Blue Dot”

          1. In Favor- Abstain- Negate

          2. Motion passes 12-1-0

        2.  TedxCU aligns with the Cultural Event Board’s mission statement in supporting platforms of underrepresented and misrepresented groups due to the topics the event focuses on, namely in addressing topics such as food insecurity and its intersections with education, and deriving power from aspects of self derived from personal identity. 

    8. Advisor (2-3 min)

      1. DSB Collab (Welcome Week)

      2. UMC/Office Hours Update

        1. Only 2 people can be present in the office at a time

        2. No comfy furniture

        3. Question Drop Off (?) 

      3. Student Org Registration/Training:

      4. Shameless Plug: DSCC Programming

        1. Discussion events, Inclusion & Equity Book Club!

    9. Leg Council

      1. No current updates

      2. Goal: contact Jake to be on the same page

    10. CUSG Liaison 

      1. Absent, Isaiah

      2. We will meet at the next meeting

    11. Webmaster

      1. Working to join workshops to learn website

    12. Social Media Coordinator (2-3 min)

      1. Working on a new Social Media Campaign “More Than An Athlete”

      2. Have broken number of likes twice

        1. Let’s keep the momentum going

      3. Share posts on our personal accounts if comfortable and passionate

      4. Follow us @CUBoulderCEB

    13. Student Outreach Coordinator

      1. Budget Meeting today

      2. Liaisons will be updated when and if approval is received

      3. Proposal of new training program

        1. Meant to learn Board Associate Responsibilities

        2. Student Fee Regulations

      4. Proposal of new student fee regulation training

        1. We want all Associates to possess student fee knowledge

      5. Student Aid Program for Exec 

    14. Speakers Coordinator

      1. Speakers Discussion (10 min)

      2. Retreat Speakers

        1. Awkwafina

          1. Asian American actress

        2. Anna Akana

        3. Jose Hernandez

        4. Yalitza Aparacio

        5.  Angela Davis

          1. Prison abolition and migrant rights

        6. Jaden Smith

          1. Toxic masculinity and human rights activist

        7. Justin Baldoni

        8. These would be online speakers

    15. Assistant Speakers Coordinator

      1. Additional Speakers

        1.  Vikram Gandi

          1. Terroism

        2.  Omar Jimenez

          1. Latinx man, CNN correspondent (Las Vegas shooting) 

        3. Ashlee Marie Preston

          1. Trans women and publisher of magazine

        4. Rita Moreno

          1. Original actor in West Side Story

        5. Emma Gonzalez

          1. Gun Rights Activist

        6. NoName

          1. Rapper, poet, writer, women’s rights

          2. Here three years ago, not a positive experience

        7. Nicole Buyers

          1. Black rights activist, Girl Code costar

        8. Jebuki Young White

          1. Correspondent on Trevor Noah’s show, identifies with the LGBTQ+ community

        9. Jameela Jamil 

          1. South Asian Actress, Activist for radical inclusivity online, story teller on misrepresentation, disability activism, body positivity, actress on “The Good Place”

        10. Elijah McClain

          1. A live violin visual, peaceful protest

          2. Can talk to Music Department

      2. Possible events

        1. Slam Poetry

        2. Art Contest

        3. Games

        4. Netflix party

        5. Cooking Classes

          1. This went pretty well, sending people supplies

        6. Dancing class

      3. Important 

        1. There has been a change of climate on campus due to past occurrences 

      4. Chats of creating events around zoom

      5. Questions:

        1. Are we requesting performances or speaking?

          1. This changes prices

    16. Marketing Coordinator

      1. Finishing surveys to organizations we have worked with previously

      2. Posters

        1. Diligence in postering, when on campus

      3. How should we market to new members and how many?

        1. At least three people for this semester, four people are graduating for this semester, we must have at least 15, can only have 9 budgetary members

    17. Secretary/Historian

      1. Blast from the Past partnership with Tania

        1. Organizing past speakers of color as well as allies for following social media campaign

    18. Chair

      1. Finance meeting 7/8 updates: 20%-30% ($200,000) cuts for projects funding (our student org events).

        1. In the past year we have spent $100,000. This is manageable

      2. Leg ratification this Thursday @5PM- thank you Hayden and Thy!

      3. Video cameras on during our zoom calls

        1. Incentive to be an active participant 


  1. Adjourn- 7:47 PM