Joanne UleauJoanne Uleau
EVEN Undergraduate Advisor
Office: ECST 201
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The faculty and staff have a true commitment to education and want to see students succeed. However, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you meet all graduation requirements, and for seeking out the advice and help you need. To assist in this, you have access to both faculty and staff advisors. The EVEN program’s Undergraduate Academic Advisor can assist you with many questions about the curriculum.

  • Advising details for freshman/sophomores:
    During your freshmen and sophomore years you will be advised by the Academic Advisor, as well as meet with a Faculty Mentor in order to gain advice from a faculty member early on in your college career.
  • Advising details for juniors/seniors:
    During your junior and senior years you will continue to be advised by the Academic Advisor as well as be advised by the Faculty Advisors for career advice. 
  • How to prepare for a meeting:
    During the advising meeting, you must discuss your proposed course plan with their advisor. The academic advisor will record course selections on the Degree Requirements Worksheet. Faculty Advisors will also be available to counsel you on academic performance, career planning and any other personal issues that affect your education.
  • When to choose a speciality and other important deadlines:
    You will meet with faculty mentors during the freshmen and sophomore years to investigate the different option areas, and  will begin to take option area courses beginning your junior year. You can choose a variety of courses from the areas offered.​
  • Academic Records:
    An official Environmental Engineering Program academic file will be maintained for you by the Academic Advisor. This file will contain copies of official documentation related to academic history and progress. The Environmental Engineering Academic Advisor and faculty advisors will strive to provide you complete, timely and accurate academic advising, but ultimately, the responsibility of meeting graduation requirements is yours. Consequently, you should ensure that all copies of relevant paperwork are present in your academic file and that you keep your own copies of critical information.
  • Mentor program:​
    Freshman students will be paired up with an upper classmen mentor student. You will have meetings throughout their first semester as groups and/or individually. This program is set up in order to ease you into college life, acquaint you with the campus and Boulder, and answer any other questions you may have for a peer.