Chris Pappas
Finance Manager

Office: ECOT 422

  • Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Mathematic, University of California, Irvine
  • Graduate Degree: M.A. in Educational Psychology

Chris Pappas has more than 10+ years of experience in accounting and finance field in both corporation sectors as well as in public institutions. After working in two major departments at CU Boulder, she joined CEAE in February, 2020 as the finance manager.  She currently resides in Boulder and she enjoys spending time with her family, painting, playing piano, cooking and gardening.

Areas of Expertise:

Chris manages and oversees department funds and sponsored projects. She maintains and tracks post-award sponsored projects and provides fiscal oversight of general, auxiliary, gift, and plant funds.  She is also the Approving Official for purchasing and travel expenses. Finally, she works with the College HR regarding staff hiring processes and advises the Department Chair on fiscal matters.