The CEAE Department has a process in place to routinely evaluate our program mission, objectives, and outcomes.  We also evaluate how well we are meeting our objectives and outcomes.  The CEAE Department established Joint Evaluation Committees (JECs) in 1999. These JECs now form a core component of the department’s assessment efforts.

The CEAE Department is organized into six different faculty groups:

  • Building Systems Engineering
  • Construction Engineering and Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics
  • Water Resources Engineering

There are five JECs, each aligned with one or two of the CEAE faculty groups (environmental and water resources are evaluated together).  Each JEC is comprised of two to five persons from the professional engineering community, one to three faculty members, and one to three students.

Each JEC meets once every three years, and the schedule rotates such than 1 to 2 JECs meet each year.  The CEAE Assessment Coordinator compiles data including the results from the FE exam, senior surveys, alumni surveys, employer surveys, first-year student survey, course FCQs, etc. and feeds this information to the JECs.  The faculty in the relevant sub-discipline areas compile self-study reports for the JEC, which is distributed to the JEC prior to their meeting.

The JEC reviews the program objectives and outcomes, and reviews the data and samples of student work to determine how well the program is meeting its goals.  After the JEC meets for a full day, a JEC summary report is prepared by one of the industry members, reviewed and revised by the other JEC members, then submitted to the relevant faculty group(s) for review.

The faculty group(s) then develops recommendations for submission and review by the CEAE Curriculum Committee.  The results may include changes to the objectives, changes to the outcomes, changes to the curriculum (i.e. new required courses), or changes to the content and learning objectives within existing required courses.  Any curriculum changes must be approved by a vote of the entire CEAE faculty.