Assistant Professor
Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences

389 UCB
2000 Colorado Ave, Boulder, CO 80309
Duane D313

I work on detecting and characterizing the atmospheres of planets orbiting nearby stars. The main motivation of my research is to answer fundamental questions about exoplanets: What is the nature, formation, and evolution of these planetary systems? How exoplanetology can explain the origin and characteristics of our Solar System and the Earth?

One important component of my work focuses on studying exoplanet’s atmospheres to learn about their composition and overall physical properties. I use ground-based large telescopes (e.g., Keck, Gemini, VLT) and space-based facilities (e.g., HST, Spitzer, Kepler) together with various observational techniques to detect and measure exo-atmospheres.

Ultimately, my work provides pioneering techniques that will be used to characterize potentially habitable exoplanets with future capabilities such as JWST and Extremely Large Telescopes.