Charles Danforth
Research Associate
Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy
Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy
University of Colorado
389 UCB
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0389
I split my time between teaching introductory astronomy classes and observational research of the intergalactic and circum-galactic medium, active galactic nuclei, and the galaxy/IGM ecology at low redshift.  I've done quite a lot of work with the Hubble Space Telescope and, in particular, the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph.  My latest large project was constructing a publicly-accessible database of quasar absorption lines in 82 AGN spectra as observed with COS (link: and the statistical analysis of the low-redshift intergalactic universe which it enabled (Danforth et al. 2016, ApJ, 817, 111; link:
I spend a lot of time outdoors on long runs, ski trips, and other mountainous adventures.