Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese
Asian Languages and Civilizations

Xiaojing Miao received a B.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and an M.A. in Chinese Literature from Minzu University of China, as well as a Ph.D. in Chinese Literature from University of Colorado Boulder. Her dissertation “Beyond the Lyric: Expanding the Landscape of Early and High Tang (618-766) Literature” offers an alternative narrative of Tang literature from the perspective of self-representation. Building on that, her current book project, Mirrors and Masks: Showing Selves in Early and High Tang Literature, explores Tang literati’s self-representation. The questions it discusses include: does the writing mirror or mask the writer? How to understand it when an author portrays contradictory self-images in their writings? Why do people talk about themselves in certain specific ways? Are sincerity and authenticity required principles for self-representation or just pretenses? Along with her book manuscript, she is also moving forward her next project, which examines humor in medieval Chinese poetry and belles-lettres.


Refereed Journal Articles

“A Display of Me, and a Farewell Gift to You: The Occasional Preface in the Early and High Tang,” T’ang Studies (accepted, to be published in 2019 volume).

“Li Bai ‘Gufeng’ qiyi ‘wo zhi zai shan shu’ jie” 李白<<古風>>其一 “我志在刪述” 解, Wenshi zhishi  2014.10: 46–51.

Article in Conference Proceedings

“Li Bai Gufeng zushi timing bianzuan qingkuang kaoshu” 李白<<古風>>組詩題名編纂情況考述, in Zhongguo Li Bai yanjiu: 2014 nianji 中國李白研究: 2014年集. ed. Zhongguo Li Bai Yanjiuhui 中國李白研究會, and Maanshan Li Bai Yanjiusuo 馬鞍山李白研究所 (Anhui: Huangshan shushe, 2014), 107–15.

Article in Edited Volume

“Li Bai xinyuefu bianyi” 李白新樂府辨疑, in Zhixinglu: Zhongyang minzu daxue wenxue yu xinwen chuanbo xueyuan jiaoxue yanjiu ji xuesheng xueshu xunlian chengguo xuanbian disanji 知行錄─中央民族大學文學與新聞傳播學院教學研究及學生學術訓練成果選編第三輯. ed. Wenxue yu xinwen chuanbo xueyuan文学与新闻传播学院 (Beijing: Zhongyang minzu daxue chubanshe, 2012), 183–201.

Research Interests: Medieval Chinese literature and culture, literature and self-representation, historiography, rhetoric, humor studies, etc.