CAS Event
Thursday, February 4 at 12pm MST

ZOOM information will be available soon

This event will be a virtual luncheon talk in which Dr. Karen Strassler presents new research on questions of visuality, violence, and the ethnic Chinese minority in Indonesia. Looking at the photographic, filmic, and installation work of artists such as FX Harsono, Dr. Strassler will investigate how contemporary Indonesian artists are bringing into focus historical acts of violence against ethnic Chinese in Indonesia (from national independence to the 1965-6 New Order purges to the May 1998 riots). Their art challenges the repression of these violent histories from official state narratives and works to present them as “public claims” on memory and a more cosmopolitan social imaginary, for instance, transferring and translating archival photographs of massacres from Chinese-Indonesian family photo albums and domestic spaces to largescale, multi-component public displays in regional art galleries and museums.

Karen Strassler is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Queens College-CUNY