Distinguished University Professor
Department of Anthropology

Institutional Affiliation 

University of Denver 
Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences 


B.A., Biblical History, Wellesley College, 1953; 
M.A., Anthropology, University of Michigan, 1969; 
Ph.D., Anthropology (Archaeology), University of Michigan, 1973

Regional and Thematic Interests

Korea, Northeast China, Archaeology, Gender 


My field is archaeology. For more than two decades I have done research in Korea and for 10 years in China. I am interested in the explanation of culture change from the appearance of pottery to the formation of the state, especially the problems of the origins of agriculture (in my area this is more millets than rice) and the distribution of the knowledge of bronze technology I also research gender issues. also research gender issued (e.g. when, how, and why did division of labor by gender become status differentiation?). To explore gender I have researched the paleolithic figurines in Europe, the queens of the Silla kingdom of early Korea, and the "goddess temple" in northeastern China. Other regions where I have done archaeological research include south-eastern Utah and the Colorado high plains. In these areas I have examined diverse problems, such as the sedentism/mobility indicated by archaeological sites, and the distribution of site types on the landscapes. Along these lines, I have create or adapted several computer spatial programs for use in both regional and site research. Foreign interests: Korea China Japan Cross-departmental interests: gender issues, archaeo-astronomy Northeast Asia.

Selected Publication

Authored Books

The Archaeology of Korea, Cambridge University Press, 1993

Gender in Archaeology, Analyzing Power and Prestige. AltaMira Press 1998. Choice Award 2004

Shamanism and the Origin of the State, Power and Gender in East Asia, Left Coast Press 2008.

The Hongshan Papers, British Archaeological Reports, 2014.

Shamans, Queens and Figurines, Left Coast Press, 2015

Gyeongju, Silla’s Golden Capital, Routledge Press, 2016

Spiritbird Journey, a novel of prehistoric Korea, RKOLOG Press, translated into Korean as Yonghunui Se, Seoul, Dongbang Media

Edited Books

Equity Issues for Women in Archaeology, ed. With Margaret Nelson and Allison Wylie Archaeological Paper No.2, American Anthropological Association, 1994

The Archaeology of China Beyond the Great Wall, ed. Routledge Press, 1995.

Ancestors for the Pigs, ed. University of Pennsylvania Museum, 1998

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