Professor Emeritus
Geological Studies


Ph.D., Geophysics, Cambridge University, 1971
B.Sc., Geology, University of Wales, with honors, 1967
B.Sc., Physics, University of Wales, 1966

Regional and Thematic Interests

East Asia

Selected Publications

2009 “The Seismic Future of Cities, Twelth Annual Mallet-Milne Lecture.” Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering: 1-49.

2008 “The Door Knockers of Mansurah: Strong Shaking in a Region of Low Perceived Seismic Risk, Sindh, Pakistan.” GSA Special Publication on Ancient Earthquakes.

2003 Bilham, Roger, Rebecca Bendick, and Kali Wallace. “Flexure of the Indian Plate and Intraplate Earthquakes.” Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Science, Earth Planet Sciences 112, no. 3: 1-14.

2001 Bilham, Roger, Qi Wang, Pei-Zhen Zhang, Larson Freymueller, Xi’an Lai, X. You, Z. Niu, J. Wu, Y. Li, J. Liu, Z. Yang, and Q. Chen. “Present Day Crustal Deformation in China Constrained by Global Positioning Measurements.” Science 294: 574-577.