Associate Director, Program/Instructor, Asian Studies Program
Center for Asian Studies


Ph.D., Indiana University
M.A., University of Washington
B.A., Whitworth University

Regional and Thematic Interests

East Asia
Literature and the Arts


Colleen was bitten by the Chinese bug while attending college. She spent several years in Taiwan studying Mandarin before receiving an MA from the Jackson School at the University of Washington where she focused on modern Chinese history and politics. She then led tours in China for twelve years before and during her Ph.D. work in Chinese literature at Indiana University. She wrote her thesis while living in Japan for four years where she also studied Japanese and worked for a Japanese company. After that, she emigrated to Canada and taught Mandarin, Japanese, and Chinese literature at the University of Manitoba before moving south to the University of North Dakota where she was an Associate Professor of Chinese Studies. She’s now delighted to be here in Boulder with its mountains and milder winters and is thoroughly enjoying her work at the Center.

Selected Publications

2014. “Fang yazi—Releasing the Ducks: A Short-term Faculty-led Study Program in China” Education about Asia 19, (1).

2009. “Directing China’s New Comedies: Ning Hao and Feng Xiaogang.” Dekalog 4. Special Issue on East Asian Directors. Edited by Dr K. E. Taylor. Wallflower Press.

2009. Translations of Taiwanese aboriginal folktales. Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series 台灣文學:英譯叢刊 (Taiwan wenxue: yinyi congkan) 24: 23-4, 27-34, 57, 85-90.