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Exhibition as an Art Historical Space: The 1933 Chinese Art Exhibition in Paris. 2021.01.28

Non-CAS Event Thursday, January 28 at 4pm PST Event registration The 1933 Chinese Art Exhibition in Paris played a crucial role in establishing the category of “modern Chinese painting” in Europe. Opened at the Musée Jeu de Paume in May 1933, the Exposition de la Peinture Chinoise was the first large-scale exhibition of Chinese art in France. It attracted unprecedented numbers of viewers, and afterwards the museum founded a Chinese...

WildChina Book Club: The Good Women Of China By Xinran 2021.01.28

Non-CAS Event Thursday, January 28 at 1pm MST ZOOM Registration When Deng Xiaoping’s efforts to “open up” China took root in the late 1980s, Xinran recognized an invaluable opportunity. As an employee for the state radio system, she had long wanted to help improve the lives of Chinese women. But when she was given clearance to host a radio call-in show, she barely anticipated the enthusiasm it would quickly generate...

2021 Symposium on Teaching China and Japan 2021.02.20

Non-CAS Event Saturday, February 20, 2021 Event Registration 2021 Symposium on Teaching China and Japan: Pedagogical Collaboration across Languages, Disciplines, Communities and Borders February 20, 2021 DePaul University DePaul University’s Chinese and Japanese Studies Programs invite educators and scholars (ten in Chinese and ten in Japanese) to participate in a one-day symposium on interdisciplinary collaborations in language education. The symposium will take place through Zoom on Saturday, February 20, 2021,...