Professor Emeritus
Program in Environmental Design


Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Otago
Ph.D., University of California Berkeley
B.A., Brown University

CAS Speaker Bureau Topic(s)

The View from Seoul; Multiple perspectives on current developments in East Asia

Regional and Thematic Interests

East Asia


Positions Held: Professor, Associate professor, Assistant Professor, Interim Resident Dean, Director of Environmental Design, University of Colorado; Visiting associate professor, University of Toronto; Visiting assistant professor, University of California, Santa Cruz, Assistant Professor, Bucknell University; Regular Faculty, Bennington College.

Honors and Awards:  Who’s Who in America; President Division 34 (Environmental Psychology), American Psychological Association;  Fellow, American Psychological Association;  American Psychological Society.

Research, scholarship, and creative activity: My main areas of research are in environmental and social psychology, psychology of art, psychology of creativity, and ethics.  I have participated in and received honors and recognition in numerous architectural competitions, and have published and shown my photography.

Publications, shows, etc: I have co-edited one book, published one monograph, published in excess of  11 book chapters, 20 essays, 35 peer reviewed journal articles, 35 reviewed  proceedings entries, numerous web publications (including my website), 50 presentations at meetings, I have had my work reviewed and reprinted in numerous publications, radio programs etc, have had my architectural and photographic work repeatedly exhibited, I produce, host, and participate in numerous radio shows.

Selected Publications

2002 "Understanding September 11, 2001: An illustrative list of some psychological principles." Population and Environmental Psychology Bulletin, 2002(1) (Winter, 2002) 27, 1-3.

1989 "Architecture and Human Identity." In R. W. Ellis and D. Cuff (Eds.) Architects' People. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989, pp. 183-195.

1974 S. Friedman and J. B. Juhasz (Eds.), Environments: Notes and selections on objects, spaces, and behavior. Monterey, CA: Brooks/Cole, 1974.